Top 2021 Interior Design Trends

2020 was a year marked by various transitions as more people started working from home and found they were in need of multiple-purpose functional spaces and renovations to their existing spaces. Many people desired a modern farmhouse look and opted for options that were defined by these design trends. As 2021 begins, we are seeing similar design trends with the use of warm neutrals and decorative feature walls but are also seeing a shift in design styles. The Bellas further explore these trends by focusing on the five top interior design trends of 2021.

Warm Neutrals

One design trend we are seeing shift in 2021 is the use of cool gray colors to warmer grays or greige colors. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both offer a variety of great options for paint colors that align with current paint color trends!



What better way to add visual interest to your space than through the mixing and matching of patterns?! In 2021 we seeing the use of more pattern and color to captivate viewers and create a space that is uniquely yours!! A tip to adding patterns within your space is to incorporate a variety of textures and color within your patterns, rather than just one.



Artwork can make a significant impact on your space! Recent interior design trends have showcased artwork as focal points of spaces especially in living room spaces and areas of entertainment. Artwork is intended to be a conversation starter so why not make it the center of attention within your space? Che Bella further explores and explains the use of wall decor and artwork in ‘Tips and Tricks for Wall Decor Inspiration.’



A 2021 trend we are seeing in the world of kitchen and bathroom design is the use of tile as a decorative component. Whether this is through the use of a textured tile in a small shower space or the use of a printed pattern tile as a feature wall in a kitchen, tile, no matter the size, will add fun visual interest to your space! Breakaway from using the classic subway tile for a kitchen backsplash and instead opt for visual interest through with an added tile decorative element. Read Che Bella’s April blog post on ‘Top Tile Trends and Application‘ to learn more about current tile trends!


Natural Elements:

As we experience a shift to a warmer gray color palette, we are also seeing an increase in open concept and natural-looking spaces. The use of natural daylight and material finishes have played a key role in shifting the trend from modern farmhouse to more natural, airy, and light spaces that include the use of lighter tone natural fibers and materials such as bamboo and jute.




The Best Trend? Beautifully Yours:

Keep in mind these design trends do not necessarily define the preference for the entire design industry.  Sometimes what is more important than being on-trend is instead focusing on what is best for the architecture of your home. After all, a space that is beautifully yours is the best space of all!


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