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Here in Minnesota, we cherish our warm weather months and the opportunity to enjoy them. That is why we love incorporating Progressive Screens into our 3-season additions and outdoor living space designs! With the ability to open or close your screens with the touch of button, Progressive Screens allow homeowners to easily create comfortable yet protected spaces to enjoy from early spring well into late fall.

The security of knowing that your furniture and flooring will be protected from the elements allows us as designers to incorporate furniture and features that previously would be unheard of. From comfy seating to better flooring to electronics, the options are endless! Open the screens and let the outdoors in knowing that you can easily close them when you are done. In addition to being remarkably quiet, smooth, and easy to use, Progressive Screens motorized outdoor screens require no hard wiring or electricians. When it comes to maximizing outdoor enjoyment, there is simply no better choice than Progressive Screens.

what are progressive screens?

What are progressive screens?

Connect Indoors & Outdoors

Here in Minnesota, our warm weather season may be short but we know how to maximize the time we have! Whether you are looking to keep bugs out, increase airflow, or add to the beauty of your home, screens are one of the tools we use to create beautiful outdoor living spaces catered to your home and family. However, all screens are not created equal. We’ve found one solution that rises above the rest in terms of its ability to elevate your environment and how you live in it — outdoor motorized retractable screens from Progressive Screens.

Magna-track technology


Featuring an innovative design including a patented MagnaTrack system, Progressive Screens motorized screens are the ideal solution for Minnesota-living.

Their versatility means they can be used for a variety of applications including decks, 3-season additions, patios, entryways, outdoor kitchens, garages and more.

Why we prefer Progressive Screens


While there are other motorized retractable screen options, we’ve chosen to offer Progressive Screens exclusively due to a few important reasons.

To begin, we love that they utilize next-level mechanical screen technology that harnesses the power of neodymium magnets. These magnets allow screens to glide smoothly and consistently, making them incredibly durable. Additionally, from location and size to color and accessories, all products are customizable, making it easy to incorporate them into our designs in ways that feel authentic to the space.

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Designing a new home or considering a home remodel or new home addition?

We’d love to show you how we can help you carve more enjoyment from your outdoor or three-season living space by incorporating Progressive Screens into the overall design for your Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Twin Cities home. Reach out today to speak with one of our designers!

Let us show you how truly beautiful a motorized retractable screen system from Progressive Screens can be.

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benefits of progressive screens

What are the benefits of Progressive Screens

Superior Design

Progressive Screens’ innovative retractable screens represent the best of indoor-outdoor living thanks to the brand’s patented MagnaTrack system. Unlike conventional zipper systems, Progressive Screens uses advanced magnetic technology that allows the screen to “float” freely. In addition to avoiding the usual hang-up, rewrapping, and zipper breakage due to the cold that plague other zipper systems, MagnaTrack screens also feature triple-try obstacle detection and self-adjustment capabilities for uneven surfaces.

While most screens are purely utilitarian, Progressive Screens products keep design at the forefront, something that we love. This means they not only provide essential functionality, but do so in such a way that is understandable, unobtrusive, and visually appealing. We love knowing that this added functionality won’t come with the cost of sacrificing our design. Available in many models and colors, we can seamlessly incorporate Progressive Screens in ways that enhance rather than detract from your new space, enriching not only how it looks, but also how its used.


Screens are made to be used. As such, they should be able to withstand significant wear and tear, especially here in Minnesota where weather is a significant factor. Durability is an integral element of good design, and Progressive Screens’ motorized screens shine in this respect. The magnet lifespan is more than 400 years. Other durable attributes include rust-proof stainless steel fasteners, super-strong extruded aluminum housing and powder coated aluminum, double chrome and nickel coating, double-stitched screen zippers, a heavy-duty weight bar, and vinyl-coated screen materials for breakage resistance and easy cleaning.

All this means you can be assured that your newly created living space will stand up to the toughest Minnesota winters and summers. When you select a Progressive Screen motorized retractable screen for your deck or other outdoor area, you’ll have peace of mind that your investment will provide decades of delight and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Progressive Screens
What are the benefits of Progressive Screens

Reduce Common Service Issues

If you read reviews about motorized screens, you will likely see complaints about performance, such as choppy movement and track dislodgement. These problems are almost completely absent with Progressive’s MagnaTrack motorized deck and patio retractable screens. In fact, Progressive Screens has eliminated more than 98 percent of the usual issues experienced with zipper systems, including the biggest issue found in cold-weather climates— zipper breakage caused by the low temperatures. While many motorized screens are designed for more southern climates, Progressive Screens are cold-weather tested to stand up to sub-zero temps without issue.

The takeaway? If you are worried about adding a motorized screen to your deck, porch or three-season addition design because of concerns about performance, put those concerns to rest. At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling, we hold ourselves to high standards and these high standards extend to our trade and product partners as well. In fact, we have so much trust in the quality behind Progressive Screens that Che Bella founder, Tracy Hains, installed them in her own home!

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Take the first step to creating an indoor/outdoor living space that is beautifully yours! At Che Bella Interiors, we work thoughtfully to create comfortable and livable outdoor spaces that feel like a true extension of your home.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can incorporate Progressive Screens into your home remodel, interior design or home addition project in ways that will bring you enjoyment throughout the seasons and for many years to come!

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