Trends in Interior Design: The Beauty of Tile Art

The Beauty of Tile Art


As designers, we’re always looking for new ways to bring life into a room. Artwork is a great way to do this.  With framed art, it’s easy for the client to mix and match and move around or replace as styles change but tile art is the latest design trend that brings in a different artistic element to a project.  Tile backsplashes, floors or showers are great places in the home to make a statement.  Why not choose a tile with some life!  More and more designers are dipping their toes into creating beautiful patterns and murals that translate into beautiful tile art.  And, as styles evolve, so do the designers’ creativity.  There is tile art that gives you bold patterns, tile art reminiscent of the old world mosaics and murals from Europe, or beautifully hand-painted tile art worthy of a  frame and a place on a wall.  If you’re wondering where you would even think about installing this latest trend and which designs we are currently obsessed with here at Che Bella Interiors, keep reading below!

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Where can I use Tile Art? 

Tile art can be used in so many different applications.  From floor details for center medallions or a border around a room to a feature wall in a shower or a niche, backsplash detail above the stove in the kitchen to a full wall behind the bar or small detail in the powder room, the options are endless!  Tile is very versatile and can be used and paired with other tiles to create a completely custom design for your project.  Whether you’re looking for that wow-factor when you walk into the shower or are looking for an alternative piece of showstopping art, tile is a great way to add that design element into a room.


Where would I find Tile Art?

Tile Showrooms
  • Annie Selke is a designer based out of Massachusetts that has been creating and growing her company since the mid-90’s.  While we know of her from her new partnership with a local tile showroom, and because we unknowingly had custom pillows made from one of her patterns (such a great surprise!), Annie Selke also designs other items, such as rugs, bedding, furniture, apparel, and more.  Something fun about Annie Selke’s collection is that she offers some of the same designs not only in tile, but in fabrics as well, as you can see from the photos above. Visit Annie Selke’s collection to find your inspiration!
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  • Kibak Tile, a family-owned company from Oregon, is another great tile design company who has been creating custom masterpiece murals and bold patterns since the mid-50’s with their love of Danish design and incredible craftsmanship and creativity.  They showcase how they glaze each tile on their Instagram account, @kiback_tile. Every time I’m scrolling, I always have to stop for another mesmerizing video of another tile being glazed!  Beautiful processes equate to beautiful work.  Visit Kibak Tile’s website and Instagram account to witness their works of art.


How do I know how to use Tile Art?

If you’re interested in using artistic tile in your upcoming project, we would love to meet with you in our studio to discuss your interests and more details surrounding your project.  We can then assess the project and create a plan to use a tile art design, whether it be for your master shower, kitchen backsplash, laundry floor, or something fun in the powder room!


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From designing a space with a wow-factor or designing one for a subtle beautiful pattern, tile art is such a great way to add a little something different to your space, rather than just changing the paint color!  We hope this information has you starting to think a little bit more out of the box with an alternative way to bring art into a space.  We can’t wait to work with you!  Contact us today to start a conversation about your next project and make sure to visit some of our other projects in our portfolio here!

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Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team

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