Tips and Tricks for Wall Decor Inspiration: The Collage Wall

Sometimes a beautiful wall collage starts with just a single spark of inspiration. If you’ve loved collage walls from afar but have simply been too intimated to create one of your own, sit down and join us for a story of how we created a collage wall for our Che Bella Interiors showroom starting with a single point of inspiration as well as our expert tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating a personalized wall of your own.


Inspiration Behind the Project:

The inspiration behind our Showroom Collage Wall began with a bison skull head we fell in love with at High Point Market. We were fascinated by the piece’s three-dimensional shape and its ability to bring naturalistic elements into a space.


Goals of the Project:

  • Create an unconventional collage wall to add visual interest to our showroom
  • Create a meaningful story for our space with the inclusion of existing permanent elements


The Design Process:


Preliminary Ideas:

Our design process began with preliminary sketches of our existing wall space. As pictured below, we had existing bookcases within the space which needed to remain. Last year, the space between the bookcases was occupied by two chairs with large artwork and we knew that this location was the best spot to hang our 3D object and create a new focal wall. We started by ordering a console table that was customized to fit the width between the bookcases and this console also allowed for deeper objects to be placed above it without the chance of knocking them down. We also wanted to add some cubes for additional color, texture, and function.

Selection and Implementation:

Using our skull piece as inspiration, we created a more defined plan with ideas of artwork to include within our design. We selected artwork and accessories which would give the space texture, pattern, color as well as impose a naturalistic feel across the showroom. Using a combination of framed prints and three-dimensional objects we layered items to create balance and depth within our space.  The console also allowed us to place accessories and maximize layering techniques, creating more visual interest. The variety of objects within the collage wall allow the viewer’s eyes to gravitate from one object to another without feeling overwhelmed. The result? A visually interesting collage of pieces that seamlessly blend together to tell a complete story.


Tips & Tricks To Creating a Collage Wall:


Selection of Objects:

  • Don’t be afraid to use eye-catching elements.
    • Adding visually interesting elements such as; a letter, clock, wire art, or favorite quote can be a fun way to add character to your collage wall space.
  • Collage items should flow and coordinate with other items in the room.
    • Taking color palette and textural inspiration from furniture and surrounding decor items within a space is a great way to tie the items within a room all together creating a balanced space.
  • Collage items can contain seasonal decor items.
    • The addition of items that can be switched seasonally can be a fun way to update your space as the seasons change.

Spacing Recommendations:

  • Layout all of your items on the floor to pick, choose, and move the items until the layout feels like it is right.
  • Laying out all items is a great way to also make sure the items are proportionally spaced from one another.


  • 3M Velcro:
    • Pro: Can be used on lightweight objects that have a flat back and is easily removable without damage
    • Con: Can not hold the weight of heavier objects
    • Application: Small objects such as; decorative mirrors and canvas artwork pieces
  • Wall Anchors
    • Pro: Allows the collage wall items to feel more stable (screw in vs. hammer in wall anchors) and can be used on heavier objects
    • Con: Is not easily removable and holes will have to be filled if removed
    • Application: Picture frames and shelves
  • Wire
    • Pro: Used to hang objects heavier objects
    • Con: Sometimes objects can hang at an odd angle not flush to wall
    • Application: Picture frames
  • French Cleat
    • Pro: Used to hang objects heavier objects and makes objects feel secure; utilize studs or use anchors behind cleat; some come with built-in levels
    • Con: Is not easily removable and holes will have to be filled if removed
    • Application: Shelves, picture frames, and mirrors


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Have you found wall decor inspiration from our showroom collage wall design? There are so many creative ways to add visual interest to your space through the use of two and three-dimensional wall decor items. At Che Bella Interiors, we help homeowners just like you share their story through beautiful design that inspires, creating spaces that are beautifully yours.  Contact us to learn about our design services! As we continue practicing safety guidelines during this time, we are still working in our studio and are available by appointment only.

And, stay tuned for Part 2 of our Wall Decor Inspiration series as our Che Bella team shares about past client collage wall projects!

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