2020 Recap: Interior Design Trends

2020 was a year that marked an abundance of change. One thing that didn’t change is the ebb and flow of home trends.  2020 brought upon a multitude of beautiful design trends, so much so that we thought it only appropriate to recap! Keep reading as we highlight our favorite interior design trends and projects of 2020.



It could easily be said that 2020 was the year of the home office, as many transitioned to working from home for the first time in their careers. If homeowners didn’t have a home office, this was the year they created one, and if they had one, many were looking to upgrade. The elements of a successful home workspace are a delicate balance, and the combination of functionality with flexibility is essential. Many clients came to us with the goal of designing a home office with the intent to change the office back into a ‘new normal’ after the pandemic clears. In these cases, we found that the use of mobile furniture offered the adaptability they desired while meeting their current needs.



The transition from cooler to warmer neutrals has dominated color palettes for the year 2020. We see more balance in neutral color palettes, combining gray paint colors with warmer tones in material finishes such as flooring, tile, and stained cabinetry.



With entire families working/schooling/staying at home, multi-functional spaces designed to serve various purposes have catapulted to the front of the line in popularity. Spare rooms have become home offices while also functioning as fitness spaces. The key element to designing these spaces is to balance function, adaptability, and organization, ensuring that one does not overtake the other.



Who didn’t spend this spring reenvisioning the spaces in their home?  Shelter-in-place orders this spring and more time at home since then have caused many to look at the contents of their homes with a fresh perspective, pairing back items and refocusing on the important aspects, resulting in less-cluttered, more meaningful spaces.



While it’s hard to remember, 2020 began on a serene note with the announcement of the Sherwin Williams 2020 Color of the Year – Naval. Here at Che Bella, we dived into how to use this classically bold color in our first blog of the year, Interior Design Trends: How to Use the 2020 Color of the Year in Your Home, and since then, we’ve used this color in multiple client projects, loving its use as a new bold neutral within a design.

Photo Credits: Sherwin Williams



Does the perfect interplay between materials and finishes ever go out of style?  Of course not! But 2020 saw this trend rise to new and beautiful results. For those looking to embrace this trend and add visual interest to their rooms, try using different metal finishes or the addition of a variety of textures and patterns as the eye is drawn to seeking out variety.



Wallpaper is back, and we’re not talking about your Grandma’s wallpaper. The wallpaper of 2020 is sophisticated, modern, and textural, providing the perfect subtle neutral or serving as a focal point within the space. If you’re not ready to fully embrace wallpaper, consider using it as an accent in the back of a bookcase or in a smaller room such as your powder room or home office space.



2020 saw walls become a canvas for telling a story with the layering of accessories. Often beginning with just a single spark of inspiration, the delicate balance of two-dimensional and three-dimensional items of varying materials on both walls and shelving blend to tell a complete story that would feel incomplete if used alone.

Visit our blog post Tip and Tricks for Wall Decor Inspiration: The Collage Wall to learn more about decorative laying trends and hear the story behind our studio’s wall gallery redesign.



Distinct in the principles that comprise it, industrial design has taken shape in 2020 in a variety of forms. From hand-forged metal to reclaimed wood to the Edison bulb, elements of industrial design have become staples for finishes in the design world, even being integrated into the reputable Modern Farmhouse Style.



Tile has been around for hundreds of years but their recent role in creating a visual statement is something to take note of. Whether used in the design of a bathroom, kitchen, bar space, or even a fireplace surround, tile feature walls make a beautiful and often textural statement to any space.

Visit our project portfolio to see more photos of this Lower Level  Bar Space or Lower Level Entertainment Space Remodel and learn more about the design intent and inspiration behind these two projects incorporating tile feature walls!


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