Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like…! Insert your holiday of choice. Regardless of how you celebrate the season, it’s time to prepare your home for family and friends and all things merry. There’s nothing our Minneapolis interior design & remodeling team enjoys more than decorating for the holidays. So, grab a cup of something warm and let’s talk about making your home sparkle this holiday season!

Layer After Dreamy Layer

When we talk about adding ‘layers,’ we’re not talking about bundling up to head outside (although we encourage that as well this time of year!). We’re talking about using gorgeous layers of greenery and décor elements throughout your home to add depth to your design. Layer the banister, the railings, bookshelves, and trees to add a festive flair. Start with a base layer of pine branches, ribbon or a similar element and build dreamy layer after layer upon it with your favorite holiday pieces. Continuity is your friend here, so carry the layering approach throughout your home. This not only takes the guesswork out of how to decorate, but it also provides a spectacular cohesive result in the end.

The pictures shown here showcase how to use the layering technique to add holiday magic to your home.

Layer elements to add depth and visual interest to holiday decor

Use a Natural Touch to Warm up the Winter

Winter is a phenomenal time to use nature’s bounty to decorate! Consider featuring elements from the woods like spruce tops and cedar boughs, along with other natural pieces.

Spruce Top Planters

Planters filled with festive spruce tops signal that winter is upon us. Bring on the sledding party and mugs of cocoa! Making your own spruce top planter is easier than you may think. Start out by gathering your pot, spruce tops, birch branches, pinecones, berry sprigs, dried flowers, ribbons and more. Turn up the creativity, let your personal style shine through, and voila, you have a one-of-a-kind planter to behold!

Bring the Outside In

Bring nature inside during the holidays and you’ll create instant atmosphere. Holiday decorating takes on a minimalistic approach when organic elements such as pinecones and balsam or cedar boughs are featured. Create a simple centerpiece by placing pinecones and pine cuttings in a large bowl accompanied by ornaments. Wind garland up your staircase and add lights to add warmth and nostalgia.  If you need a little glitz, add gold or pearl baubles or sprayed leaves to the garland.

Bring the Outside In - Holiday Decorating Tips

Consider taking nature in another direction by using inspiration from your garden, weaving dried flowers, fruits and stems into your table arrangements or wreaths. 

Bring the Outside In - Holiday Decorating Tips

Dazzling Fireplace Décor  

From the mantle to the hearth, dress your fireplace in holiday garb for the season. Take this opportunity to switch out décor that you may use throughout the rest of the year and make your fireplace the focal point for the season.

Use the layering approach we discussed earlier to adorn your fireplace. Start with a base layer of pine or cedar or lights and candles and build upon it. Vary the height of elements on the mantel to build visual appeal. Don’t forget to set the scene on the floor around the fireplace or on the hearth.

Kind reminder to always be safe around a fireplace, consider the flammability of pieces near the fire.

Fireplace Decor- Holiday Decorating Tips

Bring the Holidays Home

These holiday decorating tips are sure to put you in the spirit of the season. Know that the Che Bella Interiors interior design team is here during the holidays and year-round with full-service design and remodeling services. We aim to make your home beautifully yours any time of year. Our remodeling services include kitchen remodels, as well as basement finishing, home additions, and bathroom remodels, while our design services range from new construction design consultation to design layout and planning and more. Wishing you a merry and bright holiday season!

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