Interior Design and Remodel Timelines – What to Expect When You’re Expecting

If you’re expecting – a home remodel or interior design project that is – understanding the timing of a project from design development through installation makes for a more pleasurable process. For those of you who have a project in the near future and for those of you who like to plan, the Che Bella Interiors team outlines the timing and steps that accompany our work so that you can enter any project with your eyes wide open!  

Why Understanding Timing Is So Important

The topic of how much time it takes to complete a home remodel or interior design project is one we circle back to periodically. Over the years, we’ve found that clients tune into this topic at different points in the process. Some, when the project is little more than a dream, and others, much further down the road. Some homeowners have a laissez-faire attitude about the pace of a project, but more often than not, a homeowner keeps a close eye on the calendar and the corresponding progress of their project. Clearly set expectations around schedules and timelines are a major determining factor in client satisfaction. This is why we put it at the top of our list to discuss at our initial consultation meetings and revisit timelines nearly every time we talk with a client.

While we can’t put an exact timeframe on your project without knowing the particular scope and scale, we can set your expectations regarding broad-brush timing parameters. Understanding the timeline at the outset of any project minimizes frustration. 

>>> This award-winning West St. Paul lower-level finish project features rich woodwork and an Irish-pub-inspired home bar.

Design Development – Getting Off On The Right Foot 

The first thing to know about the timing of a remodel or design project is that getting through the beginning phase of design development will likely take longer than you anticipate. At Che Bella, we build two-four months into the schedule to complete the design development phase for most projects. Eager homeowners often ask us why the first phase takes so long. Let us explain. 

We spend a great deal of time at the front end of the project diligently working to capture the vision and the goals of the families we work with. This is a robust part of the process where we dig into their stylistic likes and dislikes and discuss the functionality of the space.  We’ve found that investing the time early on pays enormous dividends as the project unfolds. The project moves from point A to point B with greater ease and fewer changes required. 

Note that the process we follow for both our remodel and interior design projects moves similarly through the design development phase, thus taking a similar amount of time depending upon the specifics of a project. Remodels and interior design projects vary slightly after the design development phase due in part to the complexity of a remodel. 

>>> We worked with our client during the new construction process of the Mendota Heights home to design cabinet layouts, style, function and select materials for the whole home.

Design In Hand – Implementation Begins

With a design and scope of work in hand, and with materials and product selections agreed upon, implementation begins. Demo day often marks the start of implementation for a remodel and installation of materials begins on a design project. Depending upon the overall scope, project completion may take 8-12 weeks once implementation begins. For projects with a high degree of complexity, implementation may take up to six months.  

Supply Chain Sidenote

Timelines in the home improvement sector have always been impacted by the availability of materials and furnishings. The good news for today’s consumer is that while supply chain struggles still exist, inventory levels are moderating and increasing incrementally. Having said that, it is important to keep product and material availability at the forefront of discussions regarding timelines. 

>>> This stunning Eagan, MN kitchen remodel features timeless elements and a redesigned layout that dramatically increased the usability and function of the space.

Start the Clock

When the time is right for you, know that the Che Bella Interiors team has a clear vision for the timing and the process it takes to complete a project successfully. We guide design, help with materials selection, and manage the trade partners involved in a project throughout the entire process. Our Twin Cities design and remodel projects focus on kitchen remodels, as well as basement finishing, home additions, bathroom remodels, new construction design consultation, design layout and planning and more. It’s our hope that together we can make your home beautifully yours! 

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