Featured Designer Favorites: Living Room Must-Haves

Living Room spaces are all about comfort and telling a story! Whether you are all about curling up to read a book or entertaining friends, a living room space should always be comfortable. The team at Che Bella shares their tips for creating a living room that achieves these goals with the use of versatile and comfortable furniture, storage, lighting, visual interest, accessories, and technology.


Versatile & Comfortable Furniture

Perhaps the most important part of creating an enjoyable living room or entertainment space is the use of versatile and comfortable furniture items.  Our designers’ tips for creating a versatile and comfortable living room environment include:

  • Specifying comfortable furniture – It is important to look at construction when determining the quality and comfort of a furniture piece.  Skimping on quality will often result in less comfort.
  • Analyzing needs and spatial considerations when it comes to furniture- Love to have movie nights? Or entertain large groups often? Designer Stefanie loves the idea of being able to pair a sectional with an ottoman for extra comfort (and seating!) within a living room space. Being able to specify tables based on the height of the sofa and chair arms is also an important consideration.
  • Having a place to put your feet up – Designer Calie believes an upholstered ottoman or chaise is a must-have for relaxing within a living room space.
  • Incorporating an anchoring element – Tracy loves the idea of a rug to anchor the furniture in the room and make the space seem complete.
  • Versatile and moveable elements – The addition of floor pillows and extra moveable drink tables are ideal for entertaining guests.

Living Room Custom Furniture Minneapolis MN



Seeking a solution to minimizing clutter in your living room space?

The Bellas favorites for maximizing storage are:

  • Specifying furniture pieces with hidden storage– Whether this is purchasing an ottoman with hidden throw blanket storage or a TV console to conceal cords, hidden furniture storage solutions can be an easy solution to minimizing clutter within your living room space.
  • Functional accessory pieces-Throws or additional decorative items don’t always need to be out of sight. Using a decorative basket or open concept end table is a fun way to encompass decor items into your living room space while still being functional!

Living Room Decor Minneapolis MN



Lighting is an essential element in any space, including living rooms.

The Che Bella Team explains important tips when considering lighting in a living room space.

  • Incorporating Natural Daylight-Consider the natural lighting throughout the day.  Are harsh rays hitting your eyes in the morning hours? Consider window treatments for better control over your natural lighting. As an additional benefit, window coverings also contribute a finished feel to your living room space.
  • Incorporating Artificial Lighting- Ambient, accent, and task lighting should all be considered in specifying artificial lighting as should how you intend to use the space. From proper lighting for reading to lighting that enhances your design, don’t gloss over your lighting choices. For example, backlighting on a TV, table or floor lamps can be a great way to incorporate lighting within your living room space in a creative way that makes a statement.

Living Room Lighting Minneapolis MN


Visual Interest

Looking to set your space apart? Consider creating visual interest with a focal point.

The designers at Che Bella talk about their favorite components to rely on for creating visual interest within a living room space.

  • Fireplace- A fireplace not only brings comfort but also serves as a focal point when furniture is centered around it.
  • Artwork- Artwork has long been used to draw attention so don’t overlook this tried and true method. Whether this is displaying a large piece of artwork or creating a gallery wall of decorative wall items, your options are endless.  Don’t miss our blog highlighting ‘Tips and Tricks for Wall Decor Inspiration’.
  • Feature Wall- The addition of a feature wall, through the addition of wallpaper, ship-lap, or another visual element, is a subtle but fun way to add texture, pattern, and color into your living room space.

Living Room Artwork Minneapolis MN



Don’t forget the accessories! Even if you are minimalist, a few well-placed elements can add charm and tie your living room space together. Below are a few of our favorites when it comes to adding decorative elements within a space.

  • Throw Blankets
  • Layering of Accent Pillows
  • Coffee Table/Ottoman Accessories (trays, small layering items such as; vases, boxes, candlesticks, decorative books etc.)
  • Artwork

Living Room Decor Minneapolis MN



Seeking a living room space that serves multiple purposes? From relaxation to entertaining, technology is a powerful tool for adding functionality and comfort to your living room space. Our partner company, SLH Home Systems is one of the Twin Cities’ premier home electronics system design and installation companies. From home theaters to surround sound to home automation, they offer a wide variety of options that can make your living room better suited to your lifestyle.  See a real-life example in their project highlight, ‘Bringing Affordable Home Theater Entertainment to A Multi-Purpose Room’.

Living Room Home Theater Minneapolis MN

Like what you see? Want to learn more about creating the perfect living room space for your home?  Reach out to our design team for expert design advice, furniture selection, and more. Let us create a space that is beautifully yours!

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