Tips and Tricks to Selecting Wallpaper

Che Bella Interiors has declared February to be ‘Wallpaper Month!’  After all, what better way to add pops of color, texture, and pattern into your space than incorporating a decorative wallcovering?

In this month’s blog, we turn our thoughts to all things related to wallpaper, including tips and tricks to selecting wallpaper and debunking some common wallpaper misconceptions!


Tips & Tricks To Selecting Wallpaper:


Creating a Vision:

One major question to ask yourself before adding a decorative element is, “What is my vision for the space?” Maybe you want to make a bold, one-of-a-kind statement with a bold patterned wallpaper. Or perhaps you wish for a more subtle impact, using wallpaper to add pattern and texture within a space or to make a wall vary slightly from surrounding areas. Whatever your goal, it is important to begin with a clear vision prior to browsing through wallpaper choices.

Cost-Effective Approaches:

Let’s be honest; cost is often a leading factor in the decision-making process. We’ll dive into two of the biggest considerations next, purpose and size, but we also encourage you to ask yourself these questions.

  • What is my overall budget range for this project, including the cost of wallpaper and installation?
  • Am I open to changing my vision after receiving a wallpaper bid? If so, how will I do this?

Purpose of the Space:

Be forewarned! There’s more to wallpaper selection than appearance! The purpose of your space can be a key deciding factor when selecting a wallpaper.

For example, is the space a high traffic area? If so, we recommend using a wallpaper that is durable. Having wallcovering in a powder room, dinette, or kids’ playroom area is a fun way to add texture, pattern, and color, but choosing a wallpaper that is able to withstand a variety of elements is a very important consideration to keep in mind!  Vinyl performance wallpapers are an ideal choice for these types of spaces due to their durable properties and come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns!

Purpose also ties back to your vision. For example, a low traffic area is a good space to add a bold decorative element without as much worry for durability.

Size, Scope, and Shape of the Space:

The size of your space can also determine what type of wallpaper to use as well.  For example, you don’t want to put a large pattern in a smaller-sized space.

You’ll also want to consider the scope and shape of your space. If the vision is to use wallpaper in a foyer area, it is important to consider how the wallpaper will connect to the surrounding area. If the foyer is open to surrounding areas of the home, consider how the wallpaper would be viewed. Perhaps there is a corner or wall edge where the wallpaper could end within the space. Don’t be afraid to incorporate wallpaper into the main spaces of your home but keep in consideration how it will coordinate with the surrounding areas!


Debunking Common Wallpaper Misconceptions:


Wallpaper is Traditional and Outdated: False.

Wallpaper is a fun element to use in any space! While you may think of wallpaper as a more traditional design element within a space, current trends say otherwise! Wallpaper in the design world is a fun way to add pattern, texture, and color to create a space that is uniquely yours! Choosing a wallpaper design wisely will ensure both its timelessness and versatility, allow your space to adapt to changing design trends!

Wallpaper is a Pain to Install and Remove: False.

Today’s technologies in the manufacturing process make the application and removal of wallpaper far more efficient. Today, there are a variety of different applications for wallpaper ranging from peel and stick, pre-pasted wallpaper, and more. The type of application is all dependent on what best suits your design style and preference.


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