Featured Designer Favorites: Wallpaper Wednesday

Seeking something new in your home that’s fun and fresh? What better way to refresh your space than by incorporating a fun design element such as wallpaper!?! Thought wallpaper went out of style in the early 90s? It did, but we’re not talking about traditional wallpaper from the past. Today, wallpaper is being used in a variety of creative applications, and the patterns? You won’t even believe all the amazing options!

The team at Che Bella has explored the use of multiple types of wallpaper for client projects. We thought it would be fun to take this month’s featured designer favorites to tell the story behind just a few of our client project wallpaper selections. Ready to be inspired?

The Good Vibes

There is nothing more vivacious and lively than our appropriately named ‘Good Vibes’ client project! Our clients sought a space that would serve as a fun entertainment space in the lower level of their home. The wallpaper selected serves as a focal point within the space, bringing pops of color and distressed features. For additional interest, the paneled wallpaper is encased in a wood molding and showcased with accent lighting to make it appear as a piece of artwork!


The Bubbly

Look at that texture! The wallpaper selection for this project contains a material called salago, derived from a plant similar to mulberry, and it is both sustainable and renewable. The wallpaper comes in panels and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Some people have even used this wallpaper as a form of decor, framing it as wall artwork or encasing it between two glass panes for a decorative tabletop element. The best part? It can work in a variety of spaces due to the neutral colorways, and pops of color can be added through wall paint behind the wallpaper.


The Trendsetter

Looking for a way to add a contrasting element into your main level space, wallpaper doesn’t always have to be bold to make an impact. Like that pictured within this project, wallpaper is an ideal way to achieve desired contrast while still unifying a space.  A small scale vinyl wallpaper pattern to the foyer space breaks up the use of paint throughout the main level while tying back into the finishes of the main space.


The Charismatic

The goal behind this client project was to create a boutique hotel feel within the Master Suite design. The incorporation of a large-scale patterned vinyl wallcovering adds a decorative accent wall to the space making the space feel glamorous and calming.


The Industrious

The addition of wallpaper within an office space is a great way to add texture and visual interest! The use of vinyl linen patterned wallpaper to this home office adds a decorative element that contrasts with the painted wainscotting and natural wood floors. This wallpaper is manufactured by the roll, and the vertical pattern detailing minimizes the notice-ability of seams.


Seeking more design inspiration? Explore our portfolio page to learn more about other Che Bella client projects!

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