5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Interior this Spring


Refresh Your Home Spring

There is no better time than now to refresh your home for spring!  Many of us have been on lock-down for the last few weeks and have probably noticed that our houses need something, but what is it?  It’s a Spring Refresh!  Perhaps your mudroom needs a storm of organization to blow through or maybe your living room is lacking pizzazz.  If you’re feeling inspired to take on a project, keep reading to learn five ways to refresh your home this spring.

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1. Create a Statement Wall

Living room or bedroom looking a little drab?  You’re in need of a statement wall!  This can be achieved by choosing a bold and coordinating paint color or with a fun patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper.  Tempaper is a great peel-and-stick wallpaper company with a variety of patterns and colors to freshen up your space.  Because their wallpaper is peel-and-stick, it is super easy to install and can be easily removed at a later date making it the perfect option if you’re one to change up your decor often!  Visit their site or search #tempaperyourspace on Instagram to see install photos from people like you!

Another option to create a statement wall is with paint.  Painting is not everyone’s favorite activity, but for those of us who don’t mind it, this is a fun and easy project.  If you don’t have the basic supplies to paint a wall, review the list below:

  • Paint – Depending on the size of the wall or area to be painted, you may need only a quart or a gallon of paint
  • 9″ paint roller cage frame
  • 9″ paint roller – 3/8″ for smoother walls and 1/2″ for textured walls
  • 2″ angled paint brush – This is for cutting in around the corners and ceilings.  Cutting in Tip:  When cutting in, work in small sections and have your roller ready so that you’re rolling the paint into a wet edge. 
  • Blue painters tape – This will save your trim and help with clean lines

Go one step further after you’ve painted or installed wallpaper and create a gallery wall with your favorite photos and coordinating picture frames, artwork, and other wall hangings.  Photos can be ordered online and shipped from a variety of places as well as picture frames and other items.  Have fun and share your statement wall with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram – @chebellainteriors




If your painting a dark color over a light-colored wall, use a dark gray primer first!  This will help the dark finished color cover better when you’re painting. 



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2. Organize your Space

Nothing like a good organizational sesh to refresh your home.  Now that you’ve been home enough to notice that your mudroom or closet isn’t performing the way you need it to, read these organizational tips to help calm the chaos:

  • Add a row of hooks for coats, hats, and bags.  This will help keep clutter off the floor.  Make sure you add an extra hook to hang your keys but install it high enough to keep out of reach of little hands.  Another option is to buy a cute little dish to place on a shelf that is dedicated to holding your keys.  Keeping your keys, coats, hats, and shoes in one place (by the door) will help with daily life as a whole but also add calm to your daily routine.  Pro tip – Add a mirror by the door so you can do a quick beauty check on the way out!
  • Order plastic bins and label them according to what’s in them OR label for each person in the family.  These can be stacked on the floor in an orderly fashion or up on a shelf.  There are a ton of options out there to keep your things organized.  We recommend first determining what items you want to keep, where you want them stored, and how you want the space to function.  This will help when looking for organizational systems through places like The Container Store.


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3. Update your Hardware

Changing out the hardware on your cabinets or doors seems like a low-impact change, but it really can make a world of difference.  Freshen up your kitchen handles, bathroom vanity handles, and even door handles while you’re at it!  Here are some tips to keep in mind while looking for the perfect updated hardware:

  • When updating cabinet hardware, measure the distance between the mounting holes on your existing handles to ensure that you’re replacing the hardware with a new product that will fit your existing cabinetry.  All you’ll need to replace cabinet handles is a screwdriver and a brand new style!  Feeling bold?  Try a black matte finish or the trendy brushed brass look.  Amerock is a great hardware company with a variety of styles and finishes. Find where you can order Amerock hardware online by clicking the ‘Where to Buy’ button at the top of their page.
  • We’ll be honest. Door hardware installation is a little more in-depth than cabinet hardware installation. But nothing that can’t be overcome with a little online research!  Schlage is a door hardware company offering many finishes and styles that will be perfect for your home.  Use the Style Selector to find the best one!


Refresh your home for Spring


4. Add Fresh Colors

This is probably one of the easiest ways to refresh your home for spring.  There are so many ways to bring in color into your home!  One of the biggest advantages to updating your decor is flexibility.  Use the new pieces all year round or display it just for spring and pack away at the next season change. It is up to you! To get that breath of fresh air feel, try using light yellows, blush, muted light blues, and soft greens to sprinkle around your home.  Great items for adding a pop of fresh color include:

  • Decorative pillows for the sofa or bed
  • Colorful, fresh flowers in the kitchen
  • Updated bedding for the spring season
  • Don’t forget about the bathroom!  Switch out your shower curtain and towels for a fresh look
  • Looking for a really big impact? Switch up your artwork on the walls and rugs on the floors


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5. Style your Shelves

If you follow our blogs, you might remember that we’ve written about styling your shelves before.  We simply cannot get enough of a beautifully-styled bookshelf, one that looks like it’s set up in a high-end retail store!  But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful display.  Even just reorganizing what you already have can do wonders.

  • If you have a lot of books, look through them and find ones with coordinating colors.  For hardcover books, take off the dust cover to see if the cover has a useful color and style.  Instead of stacking the books only vertically, try stacking some horizontally and placing a small succulent or trinket from traveling on top!
  • It’s all about the layers!  Stack items not only in height but in layers to bring more visual interest.
  • Add height with faux or real flowers or even just a vase or statue



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There you have it!  Your time in quarantine has been enlightened with 5 Ways to Refresh your Home this Spring.  We can’t wait to see what fresh changes you make in your home and remember to tag us at @chebellinteriors.  We hope that these tips will help you through this strange time in our world.  Stay safe and stay healthy!  If you need to chat with one of our designers, visit our new E-design ‘A Bit of Bella’ page for our offerings of virtual and over-the-phone services.  We are also still working in our studio by appointment only.    Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team 

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