Simple but Significant: How to Style Your Shelves


Lively shelf styling

Are you wondering how to style your shelves in a way that it shows off your flair for design? Or are you sick of having random things cluttered on your shelves over time? Or are you in need of some creative ideas on how to display your trinkets and treasures? Then you’ve already started down the right path by reading our newest blog about How to Style Your Bookshelf!

Make it simple but significant

Key Points in How to Style your Shelves:


  • Creating groupings of varying colors, heights, textures brings interest to each shelf-styling.
    • Items that vary in height draw your eye up depending on the design of the shelf or shelves. Typically, people will look at what is at eye level to them, then they will scan the rest of the shelving unit for other interests. For example, if you have a tall shelving unit, taller items can be placed at the lower middle to top to draw the eye up and create a taller illusion which can make the room feel bigger.
    • The color of the items in your groupings should compliment the design as a whole. This is a great time to be able to sprinkle in a little color in an item that is easily mobile. That way, when you want to switch out colors for holidays or seasons, it’s easy!
    • Bringing varying textures to your shelving adds to the element of layers! Faux flowers or plants as well as textured pottery are great ways to add texture and depth to items on your shelving unit.
  • Not every shelf has to be filled!
    • Remember to not overload the shelves, unless that’s the story you’re going for! To keep a lighter mood, try placing items in the middle of some shelves, then on alternating shelves, place items towards the left side or right side to create visual interest as your eye follows each shelf. If you’re looking for more of a ‘filled-in/collector’ style shelving design, stacking books on their ends paired with stacking books on top of each other and placing a candle or trinket from your travels atop, will bring a different look to your shelves.
    • Make it simple, but SIGNIFICANT!




Shelf styling

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  • Adding a fun wallpaper or paint color at the back of your shelving unit adds a big splash of design! Instead of the display items having too many colors or textures, choose a wallpaper or paint color that provides a fun background to those display items.
    • Even if your shelving unit doesn’t have a back to it, the wall behind it can be utilized in the same way!
  • Think outside of the box when choosing items to display on your shelves. Pottery, books, figurines, record players, bottles, glassware, candles, plants, board games and many more items are great things to use to style your shelves. If you have a lot of your own personal items that you would like to display, but aren’t sure if they would coordinate, try paring these down to only a few pieces that can be arranged in various ways.



Shelf Styling 2

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You did it!



You’ve created some beautiful looking shelves that are no longer tired and heavy with the piles of life! The sky, or at least the top shelf, is the limit on what you can do to create a fun display area. Have fun and don’t be afraid to switch out items seasonally, or whenever you want!


Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team

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