Designer Favs: Smart, Innovative Bathroom Design

Product manufacturers and artisans alike are turning up the heat on bathroom design. As such, this space, once only a bastion of utility, is having its day in the sun. Che Bella Interiors Senior Designer Calie Pierce lets us in on her favorite elements to incorporate into bathroom projects – elements that make incredible use of sometimes limited space and others that add an essence of simple grandeur. Let’s see if we can get your design wheels turning!

Forward-Thinking Shower Options

Flexible and forward-thinking bathroom design shows itself with Calie’s newest favorite shower product. “Kohler stands on its head with its Hydrorail shower system, an exceptional solution when you have a smaller stand-alone shower or tub shower,” according to Calie. There is a selection of Hydrorail shower columns to choose from. And, incredibly, the style-forward system grows with your design style, allowing you the ability to select a new shower head and shower attachments down the road without needing to get behind your walls and into your plumbing – how amazing is that!

Smart Bathroom Design Features - Hydrorail Shower System

Smart Storage Solutions with a Bonus

Making the most of limited storage in a bathroom and adding a lighting element to the mix? Yes, please! Calie often turns to medicine cabinets to pull double duty in just this way. One of her favorite products is the Kohler’s Maxstow lighted medicine cabinet. In addition to its almost sneaky amount of interior storage space, it features exterior LED lighting AND an interior electrical outlet. The addition of LED lighting is ideal for bathrooms with no room for sconces, offering a soft cross-lighting. Calie comments, “Homeowners are so often surprised at how good medicine cabinets are at keeping bathroom necessities contained and keeping their counter space clear and free of clutter!”

Mirrors That Pivot – Brilliant!

For homeowners with a growing family or where individuals of different heights use the same bathroom, a pivot mirror is a design salvation. A pivot mirror does exactly what its name describes, pivoting vertically to catch the reflection of those in its midst. Che Bella designers installed two pivot mirrors in our Everyday Ease Universal Design bathroom remodel, a bathroom designed to meet the needs of a homeowner who often uses a wheelchair. The mirror’s adjustability simplifies her everyday routine. 

Calie often recommends pivot mirrors when designing kid’s bathrooms. These mirrors pivot down so that those shorter in stature can see themselves when their cute little faces barely pop over the counter. They make an excellent option for bathrooms that house siblings of different ages. If this product is new to you, consider yourself transformed.

Warm Your Heart (And Your Toes!)

While not the newest kid on the bathroom design block, electric in-floor heating in the bathroom is more than an indulgence. It is a year-round dream, warming the room and drying the water on the floor in a speedier fashion. Calie brings up in-floor heating on almost every bathroom remodel she completes, regardless of size, as the effects of this simple element make such a difference in comfort. New technology also provides zone heating for different areas of the room and enhanced options for heating levels and controls. Keep in-floor heating on the very top of your bathroom remodel wish list when the time comes!

Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves - In-floor heating

Twin Cities Bathroom Design and Beyond

Luxurious, smart, and innovative are key characteristics of Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling bathroom designs.  In addition to our award-winning bathroom remodels, we offer design and remodeling services across the home from kitchens, to home offices,  lower-level remodels  and more. 

Our personalized approach is the hallmark of our service. We lead our clients through the process from start finish with the intention of making your home beautifully yours together.  Reach out to our talented group of designers and remodelers when you’re ready to take the next step!

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