Designer Favs: Inviting Spring Into Your Home

While still in the heart of our late-arriving winter, we’re hopeful that springtime flowers and warbling songbirds aren’t too far away. Che Bella Interiors Senior Interior Designer Calie Pierce shares what she’s doing in her home to bring springtime closer and to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Take a look at her tried and true tips to see what fits in your home and consider doing a little springtime dance while you wait for warmer temps!

Think Indoor Plants

A little greenery is good for the soul, especially as we wait for things to green up outside. Indoor plants do more than change the mood in a room; they literally change the air quality. How incredible is that? Calie says that she only brings ‘interesting’ plants into her home. She recommends unique varieties such as a money tree – a must-have for superstition, a ZZ plant, which appreciates you not watering it too often, and a ric rac cactus, which has a cheerful shape. Calie admits, “while I love the thought of a fiddlehead, only an artificial one would survive in my house! Pottery Barn has a few options if you’re like me!”

Spring interior decorating ideas for Twin Cities homes - add indoor plants

Add Fresh Flowers

Simple sprigs of fresh flowers welcome you with a happy scent and add a pop of color to a room. Calie’s go-to is Alstromeria, as it seems to last forever and has many blooms per stem. Consider placing fresh flowers in the rooms that you spend the most time in.

Spring interior decorating ideas for Twin Cities homes - fresh spring flowers.

Change Up the Scent

Shift your candles and essential oils from the warming winter scents of clove, cinnamon, and pine to those with a floral or citrus note. Calie shares, “fresh scents help me shake the urge to hibernate when I get home and give me a boost.”

Spring interior decorating ideas for Twin Cities homes - fresh scents and essential oils.

Open Up the House

Pull back the curtains and throw open the windows when the mercury climbs! A late-winter day that reaches 50 degrees with loads of sun is a great day to crack a window or two. Let the breezes in and freshen up your home. Design note: if your curtains or blinds need to be replaced, remember that Che Bella Interiors is a certified Hunter Douglas distributor, offering window treatment design consultations and installation.

Spring interior decorating ideas for Twin Cities homes - open the windows.

Sort, Keep, Donate or Toss!

During the winter, we often layer our home with nostalgic seasonal goodies. As we head toward spring, it’s time to put things away and donate or toss what is no longer needed. Long winter weekends create an ideal time to go through your home space by space. Come spring, you’ll be ahead of the game as warmer weather social commitments fill your calendar. 

Spring interior decorating ideas for Twin Cities homes - donate the clutter.

Season Change is Coming – Let us Help You Be Ready!

Spring in Minnesota took its sweet time getting here last year. Regardless of when it arrives this year, these springtime décor recommendations from Calie and the team of  Twin Cities interior designers at Che Bella Interiors will help you prepare for the season ahead. Whether it is seasonal décor inspiration you need, assistance sourcing custom furniture and furnishings, or layout and space planning services, Che Bella Interiors offers a full complement of design and remodeling services and works with you from concept to completion. On the remodeling side, multi-room remodels and individual room projects run the gamut from home office projects to bathroom, kitchen, and lower-level remodels. Our attention to detail and the level of quality we deliver sets us apart. Contact us for inspiration or with questions about a design or home remodeling project on your mind. Let’s make your home beautifully yours together!

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