Designer Favs: Home Office Organization

With 2024 newly upon us, it’s hard to escape the talk of organization, fresh starts, and reboots. It feels as if the world is culling through piles and donating unwanted or unneeded home goods. If you’ve caught the reorg bug or are looking for a gentle push to get you in the mood, Che Bella Interiors Design Assistant Steph Osei lays out ways to help you organize your home office. Giving the office space in your home a little organizational love is a manageable lift that delivers an enormous return on your productivity!

Finding Good Order

Home offices, by their nature, collect clutter from paperwork to bills, office supplies and more. Whether you work from home or simply have an office space to manage household schedules and bills, you know that it’s difficult to keep the space tidy. Creating an efficient environment is paramount to your productivity, and let’s be frank, your sanity! Here’s where tips from Steph and her Twin Cities interior designer counterparts at Che Bella Interiors come into play.

Home Office Organization Tips Interior Designer Minnesota

Use containers, baskets, and bins to bring order to your space! Avoid creating a junk drawer or a mismatched pile of documents by using containers and creating designated areas for all your supplies. Start by sorting things out. What can go, what will stay, and what needs to be within arm’s reach. Keep important documents and supplies close to you and items not used daily on a shelf or in a cabinet. Blend metal baskets with woven boxes with lids, tall with short containers and chunky with sleek until you find the right mix.

Home office organization tips color code

ROYGBIV it! (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet to refresh your elementary-school memory!) Color coding file folders and office supplies is a great way to identify categories quickly. It’s much easier to find items when they’ve been assigned a color, and you know where to look. This strategy also adds a colorful punch to your shelves, desk, and storage units.  

Home office organization tips - wall systems

Utilize your wall space to build organization.  Maintain a clear desk area by getting things up and onto the wall. Wall systems such as the cubed structure shown here, along with peg boards with attached hooks and containers and shelving systems in varied dimensions, tap into an often-underutilized vertical space. Frame your chosen wall system with personal touches and artwork to add visual interest.

home office organizations tips interior designer minneapolis mn

Once you’ve sorted your office supplies and found them a home on a wall system or in containers of your choosing, you are well on your way to maintaining a clutter-free workspace. Distractions are minimized and work flows freely when your desk is clear. (The trick from here is to keep it tidy and to put tools, materials and supplies back where they belong!)

Intentional Organization

Steph and the Che Bella Interiors team work organization and order into every design that they construct. Space layout plans, and materials selection work toward this goal. From home office projects to bathroom, kitchen, and lower-level remodels and new construction, the designs created allow homeowners to function efficiently in the home day to day. Reach out to us to make 2024 the most organized and beautiful year in your home! Let’s make your home beautifully yours together!

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