Before and After Stories – Lakeside Classic Revealed

The wait is over as the finishing touches on the Hains project home remodel are complete – it’s time for the grand reveal of this lakeside classic!

You may recall that Che Bella Interiors owner and designer, Tracy Hains, and her husband Don, have been remodeling their entire Crystal Lake home in Burnsville, MN since 2019. Tracy had the added pleasure of being both the client and the lead designer on the project. They started with the remodel of the owner’s suite and lower level before moving onto the recently finished main floor – the crowing jewel of this project and the true heart of this lakeside home. Settle in as we share the finished product with you!   

What WAS – The Before

Let us start by detailing the home in its original state to show you just how far it’s come. When originally purchased, dark cherry cabinetry and honey oak flooring flowed throughout accented by slate tile. The layout didn’t reflect the open-style living that this family, with extended crew in tow, required. The square footage was tight, and storage was limited. While the lakeside lot and the bones of the home drew them in, Tracy and Don knew that every square inch of the home needed an extensive re-design to become the home of their dreams.  

What IS – The After with Main Floor Complete

While the home sits on its original lakeside lot, it is barely recognizable as the home that it was. It has been magnificently transformed on both the inside and out. Deep navy exterior siding with contrasting white trim sets the nautical tone and draws you to the home. As the front door opens, the show truly begins.  

A coastal design aesthetic greets you as you enter. The warmth of French white oak flooring artfully contrasts crisp whites and warm neutrals throughout. A punch of navy makes an appearance if you look closely. It takes only seconds to be drawn further into the home by the expansive bank of bay windows framing the view of Crystal Lake.

The Vision

The incredible view was the driving force of the design. Tracy comments, “we knew that we wanted to take the view of the lake and bring it into every space in the home.” The main floor takes full advantage of the elevation of the home and of the lakeside views. Beyond incorporating the view, her goal was to create a timeless, functional, classic home inviting for all who visit.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

When asked about her favorite parts of the home, Tracy doesn’t miss a beat, “while there are SO many favorites in this home, my walk-in pantry tops the list! Engineering challenges almost stopped it from happening, which makes it even more special to me.” The pantry sits behind the kitchen in an efficiently placed alcove. Cabinetry is clad in Water’s Edge – a luscious seaside blue. The artistic backsplash, originally a 4’ x 4’ mural, is reformatted to fit the pantry and works well in the small space. Narrow open shelving houses pantry staples for easy access. Not surprisingly, the beverage fridge is a favorite with the grandkids. A new “ask your parents rule” is now in place! (Not sure if this rule applies to the adults in the family as well as the grandkids!)

The enameled white pine ceiling comes in a close second on Tracy’s list of favorites. “When we started the design process, I knew that I had to have wood on the ceiling.” She leaned heavily on her painter to find just the right finish. The line of the ceiling follows a subtle stair-stepped vault in the room offering an unexpected detail.

A list of favorites in this home is not complete without the kitchen island. An oversized island was a must for Tracy. “I wanted an island large enough for the extended family and grandkids to congregate around when we all get together.” Mission accomplished! Topped with Cambria Britannica Warm quartz countertops, this island anchors the space in a dramatic, yet classic fashion. Large-scale, burnished gold lantern-style pendants hang over the island.

Wood ceiling detail

Design Details Continue

A 22’ x 14’ great room addition completes the main floor. Located adjacent to the kitchen, it is large enough to house every member of the family. The stunning views of the lake continue in this room.

A full-size Monogram Column refrigerator and freezer sit side by side behind the island. With cabinet front doors, they blend seamlessly into the cabinet run. Gorgeous, understated and highly functional!

monogram built in fridge

Speaking of cabinetry…from a large pots and pans drawer with a hidden pullout for lids, to doors under the island with push-pull openers to eliminate the need for hardware, to a spice drawer in the walk-in pantry, every detail adds functionality and usable storage.  

Come See For Yourself!

It took nearly three years of dreaming and work for Tracy and Don to realize the vision for their home. They invite you to stop by and see it in person during the Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase happening September 30 – October 2, 2022. Stop R10 on the tour, the project is a Dream Home on the tour. With a $5 entry charge that goes entirely towards the Housing First Foundation, you’ll be able to walk through the completely remodeled lakeside beauty from top to bottom!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own remodel or guidance on which step to take next, contact the Che Bella Interiors team to discuss. We’d love to work with you to make your home beautifully yours!

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