Designer Favs: How To Choose Lighting For Your Home

“In the right light, in the right time, everything is extraordinary!” -Aaron Rose

Lighting is one of our favorite design elements to work with. It has a magical way of changing the mood in a room. We want to take the guesswork out of selecting the right scale lighting for your home. Keep reading for tips from our Che Bella designers on how to choose lighting, plus our takeaways on spectacular hanging light fixtures we fell in love with on a recent visit to the beautiful Southern Lights showroom. We think they might just “light you up!”

Sizing And Placement For A Few Tricky Spots

High Ceilings

If your space has ceilings that are 10 feet or higher, choose a fixture with a taller overall height. It will be better proportioned for high-ceiling installations and take up the appropriate space in the room. Don’t be afraid to float it down lower from the ceiling to provide a centralized feature in the space. Keep it high enough so it isn’t an obstacle.

Living room light fixture sizing and placement

Dining Table

Choose a fixture that is ½ to ¾ the width of the table that it is hanging above. For round tables, the fixture should cover 50-75% of the diameter of the table. When hanging the fixture, maintain at least a 30” opening from the bottom of your fixture to the table.

Dining room light fixture sizing and placement

Countertop or Bar

Leave 30” – 36” from your bar or countertop to the bottom of the ceiling fixture. When hanging multiple fixtures, keep the widest parts of the fixtures at least 30” apart.

Counter Top or Bar Light Fixture Sizing & Placement Tips

Looking for More?

Check out this helpful article from Regina Andrew with more helpful hints for how to choose lighting!

A Few of Our Favorite Light Fixtures

Alright, enough with installation details, let’s move onto inspiration! Look below for a handful of our favorite fixtures that Che Bella interior designer Calie Pierce spied on a recent visit to the Southern Lights showroom, right down the road from us in Burnsville. If you haven’t made a visit, we highly recommend! So many lights and so much inspiration to be found! While our selection of a few favorites below happen to be of the hanging variety, similar styles can be found in wall sconces, flush mounts, outdoor lighting and more!

Light Up Your Life

Looking for more lighting ideas or inspiration for your home?  Reach out to our Minneapolis interior design and remodeling team for expert design advice, furnishing selection, remodeling, and more. From concept to completion, we create spaces that are beautifully yours!

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