Interior Design Trends For 2023

As the year draws to an end, our curiosity naturally turns toward 2023 and what to expect in the year ahead. In the design world, we ponder which trends will leave us as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, and which trends will come into plain view as the sun rises on a new year. While not every trend deserves your attention, some are worthy of consideration. Take a look at which 2023 interior design trends our Minneapolis Interior Design team is excited to see on the horizon as we look to the new year.   

Sustainability Reigns Supreme

Efforts surrounding sustainability continue to gain strength within the interior design world. Smart, eco-friendly design choices will be seen in the coming year. As such, the industry continues to evolve, providing more options to designers and homeowners alike.  At the request of clients, Che Bella continues to source furnishings with sustainability in mind and will bring additional sustainable fabrics and offerings into our showroom in the coming year.

Homeowners living eco-friendly lifestyles want their homes and its contents to reflect their values. The trend toward repurposing elements or finding second-hand items to use in décor continues. This time around, the purpose is as much about sustainability and the environment, as it is about the design aesthetic. Grandma’s china may find its way into your home yet!

Nature-Inspired Design

In line with sustainability, nature-inspired design elements are here to stay. The design world hears loud and clear that homeowners want to incorporate natural elements into their design in order to connect to the outside world. Homeowners we work with echo this trend. As such, our designs aim to incorporate elements inside that are traditionally seen outside. Live-edged tables, natural stone and organically shaped finishings are prevalent. The design style aims to create a nurturing and restorative feeling. 

2023 Interior Design Trends - Nature Inspired Design

A Tale of Two Color Stories

Two distinct color stories are emerging for 2023.  While some may view it as a color identity crisis, our view is that it gives homeowners who want to stay on trend in their homes choice where color is concerned.

Comforting Pastels

In a nod to the neutral pallet that’s been on the scene in recent years, pastel hues bring a similar sense of neutrality but add actual “color” to the mix. De-saturated tones of classic pastels bring a hint of color while still offering a serene feel. York Wallcoverings color of the year At First Blush is a soft blush pink that speaks to this trend and blends well with many design aesthetics. Che Bella incorporated a similar soft blush in a recent home office project. As it strikes just the right chord, we anticipate utilizing similar color stories as the year ahead unfolds.

Deep Tones and Reds

In striking contrast to the subtle, soft tones discussed above, 2023 will also see a darker color story featuring more intense tones of browns, greens and even reds. Consider the rich, opulent feel of a library room or den. If this is too drastic for you, a broad selection of reds is expected.  Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year Raspberry Blush is a red-orange shade with personality. This color oozes charm and plays well with everything in its midst!

Curves, Curves and More Curves

Softer lines and curved profiles stand ready to add comfort to homes in the year ahead. In the past, those looking to add a modern feel to their home had a sea of straight-lined furnishings to choose from. This is no longer the case as curves enter the scene in 2023.  We anticipate using this softer silhouette in seating selections with rounded sofas and sectionals, in rugs and in lighting – think 70s-era arched floor lamps. We’ll spare you the shag carpet from the 70s, but graphic elements such as wall art and even wallpaper are a playful way to bring the trend into your home.

2023 Interior Design Trends - Curves

Statement Stone

If bold design speaks to you, now is your time!  Trendwatchers anticipate seeing an uptick in the use of strong, daring stone choices. Homeowners are choosing dark contrasting veined marble and related materials and utilizing it on counter surfaces. The idea of adding “just a touch” of the unexpected is out the window. Our designs in the upcoming year may feature a dramatic stone choice utilized throughout a kitchen, bath, or bar area.  If a little is a good thing, a whole lot more may fit the bill for homeowners embracing this trend.

2023 Interior Design Trends - Statement Stone

Looking Ahead

Your Twin Cities interior design specialists at Che Bella Interiors look ahead to 2023 with great anticipation – fresh trends (and some old favorites), new clients and returning, and projects in search of creative design solutions. We hope that you, too, look ahead with expectation!   

Whether you want to bring the upcoming trends into your home in bold or subtle fashion, or are looking for a timeless design plan, contact the Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling team. We are splendidly suited to make your home beautifully yours!  

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