The Che Bella Difference

“Choice is the most powerful tool we have.” — Source Unknown

Choice is a beautiful thing. All of us have a choice in who we do business with. At Che Bella Interiors, we are continuously humbled by the faith our clients place in us and in our work. Allowing a designer into your home takes a certain level of trust, and the fact that our clients have chosen to invite us in is why we dive heart-first into each and every project.

We took some time earlier this year to ask our clients why they choose to work with Che Bella and more importantly, what brings them back to us project after project. Here we share what our clients had to say and add our perspective on “the Che Bella difference.”

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Women-Owned Business

We learned that for some of our clients, the fact that Che Bella Interiors is women-owned plays a significant role in their decision to work with us. Owner Tracy Hains acknowledges that she’s heard this before and that the support of women-owned businesses is a passion of hers as well. “Being women-owned places us in unique territory within the home industry, especially when you drill down to the remodeling sector. We are one of a handful of companies to be women-owned in the space.”

Unmatched Communication

Clients also commented on the thorough communication that takes place between our remodeling & interior design team and the homeowner. Che Bella utilizes weekly status e-mails to homeowners to keep them abreast of the project’s progress and to identify upcoming tasks and timelines. Designer Calie Pierce shares, “clients continue to applaud this tactic as it keeps them in the loop while the project moves along and minimizes surprises. Homeowners appreciate the highly personalized service that begins and ends with unmatched communication.”

Exceedingly High Standards

High standards and excellent deliverables were called out as another element that our clients appreciate about working with our Twin Cities interior design and remodeling firm. A consistent theme throughout our conversations was recognition for the level of detail offered in both our designs and the final product. While the grand reveal of a project is undeniably spectacular, our Che Bella team contends that there are so many details that make up the entirety of a project. Designer Stefanie Cohoe shares, “clients continue to realize that we have a keen eye for details and catch miscues before they become an issue, and oftentimes before clients see them themselves.”

Owner Tracy Hains commented, “the level of detail and expertise we expect of ourselves shows in the projects we complete for homeowners. Nothing is as fulfilling as seeing the wide eyes of our clients at the conclusion of their project. Our ability to deliver an excellent product is due to the seasoned team that makes up Che Bella Interiors.”

Standards Extend to the Trades

The aforementioned high standards extend to our trade partners as well, a refrain mentioned by our clients. Quality connections throughout the trades allow our team to intentionally choose partners whose commitment to the client and the process mirrors our own. “This shared value allows us to feel confident in the work our partners provide to our clients. Not only are our trade partners exceedingly competent, but they are also wonderful human beings, whose values and commitment align with the guiding values that drive Che Bella Interiors,” adds owner Tracy Hains.


At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling, we realize that you have an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to your Twin Cities interior design or home remodeling project. In every interaction, from concept to completion, it is our goal to showcase these and many of the other qualities that set us apart and make our clients feel valued throughout the process and overjoyed with the results. If you have a project on the horizon or are merely daydreaming of things to come, contact us to start the process. Let us help make your home beautifully yours!

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