Designer Favorites: How to Style a Bookshelf

Often an afterthought, it’s easy to overlook a bookcase, media cabinet, or shelf. But with just a little love and attention, these areas can add depth and interest to a space. Instead of filling that shelf with books back-to-back, why not be more intentional? There are many so options for styling a bookshelf to bring a sense of peace, softness or even fun to a space, without adding too much visual weight. Keep reading as our interior designers at Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling share their advice on how to style a bookshelf.

Tracy is all about layering different shapes and items. Her advice? The key is to not overdo it. Too many objects on one shelf or corner can disrupt the balance of the space as a whole. Instead, be intentional with your selections, taking note of how the pieces balance one another.

Calie’s tip is to not fill each shelf side-to-side. Placement will feel more purposeful with some space in between. Another tip to achieving shelf nirvana? Add an outlet whenever possible (for example, in the new build or remodeling process). The ability to add decorative lighting during the winter months will be a game changer.

Stefanie’s tip is all about the books. Stefanie loves placing books flat on their ends and layering an item on top. This is an especially easy way to create different heights between objects on each shelf. The Nantucket, our Plymouth, MN great room and dining room remodel project, provides a perfect example.

Stephanie’s advice for styling your shelf is to use bookends. These tried-and-true accessories come in so many beautiful designs! Whether you are actively reading or just using books for an aesthetic appeal, bookends transform a set of books into pieces of art.

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