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These past two years have had a dramatic impact on kitchen spaces. More than ever, kitchens have become the gathering space for family members to cook, chat or simply hang out with one another. This has led to many requests for kitchen remodels and refresh projects here at Che Bella, and we love every minute!

Now, it’s quite easy to only see the big details when you first look at a new kitchen, but what makes a great kitchen design isn’t just all the beautiful finishes we see on the outside but also the unique kitchen accessories that can be added on the inside as well!

Keep reading to learn about some of the accessories we like to use to uniquely fit our homeowners’ kitchen needs as well as our own!

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Tracy loves to optimize space in her kitchen. This makes her favorite kitchen accessory the Rev-A-Shelf blind corner. With its pull-out shelf mechanism, you can use every inch of your corner cabinets. A few other must-have features? An organized spice drawer and a beautiful statement-making cutting board to protect your countertops!


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Calie’s pro tip is to use LED tape light for your under-cabinet task lighting. Easy to install and replace, it’s an effortless upgrade for homeowners to try. She also recommends tiered silverware drawers if you have a smaller kitchen – a great way to get more storage without needing to take up counter space.


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Stefanie likes to add interest with a few strategically placed wooden cutting boards on display against the backsplash. Not only is it functional, but it’s a great way to add warmth to the space! Her other tip is to add a short drawer for pot lids. A small touch that our clients love!



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Stephanie is an organzation superfan! Her go-to is to use clear food canisters and expandable tiered spice shelves, both within your pantry for organization and for display. Pairing the right combination of food, nuts, and more adds a sense of warmth or color to your kitchen while making items also easy to reach!



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