Favorite Picks: Warm or Cool?

Which do you prefer? Warm and cozy or nice and cool? Does it depend on your mood or the room? Whether looking to infuse a space with a sense of calm or inspire the feeling of summer, we love playing with color tones to achieve that perfect sense of balance.

Keep reading to find out which color palette our team of designers leans towards, for a project or even for their own personal spaces!


interior design warm palette

Tracy is a warm palette gal. She is all about the soft browns, beiges, and neutrals. The Nantucket and the Sleek, pictured above, are perfect examples of a soft warm color palette as the primary selection and then adding a secondary accent color through pillows, art and accessories.


mn interior design cool palette 2022

Calie likes to use a nice balance of both. If using a lot of painted finishes, as is the case with the Lively, she leans towards warmer accents and details. If the space already has a lot of warmer woods/natural tones, she likes to use accents and details that fall within a cooler scale, like those found in the Modernist project. Her goal is to never create a sterile environment

paint samples cool trends 2022

Stefanie’s color palette preference switches up according to her mood, but if we’re making her choose (which we are!), she opts for cool with warm undertones. For the perfect example, you need to look no further than her own home! Some colors she has throughout her house are Sea Salt at 65% from Benjamin Moore in the top image and Caviar from Sherwin Williams in the bottom.

minneapolis warm or cool palette trend

With most of the year being dark and cold in Minnesota, Stephanie prefers a warm palette. Soft earth tones, like those found in the Timeless and the Fireside projects, help her connect with the warmth of the summer and keeps a lively sense of light and brightness throughout the house.


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