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Whether you are looking to support local artists or simply want your home to feel unique, it can be hard to know where to start when searching for wall art. There are so many talented artists to choose from that it makes finding that perfect, one-of-kind piece overwhelming.  How do you choose, and where do you look? Luckily, you have us! Keep reading to hear insider tips and advice from our team on where they like to search for the perfect wall art piece.

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When Tracy is on the hunt for wall art, her avenue of choice is through our trades. Working through the trades, we can specify one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients that speak uniquely to them. Personally, Tracy draws from her love of gardening, preferring floral-inspired art like these two paints from Leftbank Art.

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Calie’s favorite place to discover new artists and their art is at the amazing Art a Whirl experience in Minneapolis – which is happening May 20-22nd this year.  This annual event is an opportunity for local artists to come together and sell their artwork in person or online. You can choose from canvases such as this “Vintage Lady” and “Accessories!!” and also peruse jewelry, embroidery, pottery, and much more!


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Stefanie enjoys finding new wall art and décor through antiquing. Recently, she found this painting and antique clock at Junk Bonanza – a vintage market event in Shakopee where different types of vendors and artisans come together and sell items from art, jewelry, furniture, and clothing.


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Stephanie’s go-to spot to find art is through Etsy. With so many options, it’s easy to find original pieces that can work together cohesively. In terms of personal preference, she usually leans towards abstract portraits, but her current favorite find is this acrylic canvas of tribal ladies she bought during her trip to Ghana last December.


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