Designer Favorites: Bathroom Must Haves

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, the only showers we currently care for are the ones in our bathrooms! For so many of us, our bathroom is our personal spa – a place to relax and reset. Whether it was a long day at work, home, or school, we can always count on a good warm soak in the tub or steam to lift our worries away. Keep on reading to find out what bathroom must-haves the team at Che Bella Interiors needs to fully enjoy a relaxation experience.


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Tracy’s bathroom must-have is a soaking tub with a tray. What better way to relax than with your favorite bath salts, bubbles, and perhaps a good book? Oh, and don’t forget a candle burning on the side to set the right mood.

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Homemade bubble baths, bath teas, and Epsom salts are at the top of Calie’s list! She loves unwinding with the scent of lavender to help clear her mind on Sunday night as she preps for the upcoming week.


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Anyone who has followed along on these features won’t be surprised to learn that Stefanie’s bathroom must-have is matching containers for her hand soap and lotion! Accompanied by a quirky hand towel to go along with her fun towel hooks, these little touches add an element of playfulness and personality to her bathroom countertop.


mn interior design trends twin cities Stephanie’s bathroom must-haves are decorative storage and fresh fragrances. She shares a bathroom with many siblings so she’s always looking for a way to hide the mess, display the best and keep everything fresh! Currently, her favorite fragrance is this Tiki Beach wallflower scent.


bathroom accessories 2022Julie, our spring intern, is all about the feeling of comfort in a bathroom! She loves a soft plush bath towel and her current go-to choice is the Ultra-Soft Turkish Towel from Restoration Hardware – they are so soft and seem to just get softer every time you wash them!


Let Che Bella Interiors Help You Design Your Dream Bathroom!

Have you been daydreaming about creating a relaxing bathroom but don’t know where to start? Do you need help designing your bathroom must-haves that will suit your needs and bring joy, comfort, and relaxation for years to come?   Reach out to our Minneapolis interior design and remodeling team for expert design and more. Let us create a space that is beautifully yours!

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