Our Best Remodeling Advice for 2022

The days are getting longer, and thoughts of a springtime thaw and summer days may be drifting through your head. Maybe you, too, are dreaming wistfully of a freshly renovated space in your home to match the upcoming change of seasons. Just maybe you’re anticipating the start of a home remodeling or design project by the time the grass starts to green. If these musings strike a chord, read on. Our Minneapolis design and remodel team is here to share some thoughts and guidance about how to approach a home renovation, of any scale, in this unique time in the home renovation industry.


Act Now – Thank Yourself Later

After two-plus years of spending more time than usual in our homes, record numbers of homeowners are contemplating a home renovation. Being at home cast light on areas that could flow more efficiently or need a style reboot. As a result, homeowners are making the choice to invest in their homes in droves. Inquiries at our office and throughout the industry have picked up even more than is typical as we head into spring. At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling we are booking well into summer. This is the same story we hear from our industry partners. The industry is rolling!

If a remodel or design project is even a twinkle in your eye, act now! Do yourself a favor and reach out early to get the proverbial ball rolling. This will give you time to work through the design and planning process and allow for ample time to enlist the trades, artisans and contractors needed for your project. Connect with Che Bella Minneapolis interior design professionals today!

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Be Realistic About the Supply Chain – Don’t Go Chasing Rainbows

As much as we hoped otherwise, supply chain issues are still prevalent. Know that if your designer says that they can’t get something for a few months, it’s for real. Guard yourself against chasing rainbows and thinking you may have better luck elsewhere. As designers, we are up to date on the accessibility of materials and furnishings and often have greater access than the public. We will do everything in our power to source your chosen items. If we run into a bump in the supply chain, we’ll provide you with alternatives. Most importantly, we’ll keep you in the loop, communicating along the way – it’s how we do business.

Many of our clients have asked, will costs be higher as a result of supply chain issues? The supply chain and the overall cost of building materials will, indeed, impact projects in the coming year. To what level is yet to be determined. According to the December 2021 Producer Price Index (PPI) report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Building materials prices have increased 12.2% year-to-date after climbing 4.5% over the same period in 2020.”

We’ll repeat what we tell ourselves day in and day out in this environment, stay flexible and keep the long-range vision in mind.


Do Your Homework – Inspiration is Everywhere

There has never been a better time to find inspiration!  With so many people moved to transform their homes in new and creative ways, innovative designs featuring flexible workspaces, beautiful additions, outdoor living space and stylish interiors that equally deliver on design and comfort are everywhere.  There are SO many fabulous projects on display. If you haven’t peeked lately, visit our Twin Cities remodeler portfolio page to see our latest projects, or head over to Houzz to find some additional inspiration.

Spend some time flipping or clicking through the multitude of sites and publications out there geared toward home improvement. Take note of what matches your sense of style or how you intend to use a space. Identify your likes and dislikes and call out those special touches that you can’t seem to get out of your head. Share what resonates with you when you meet with your design team.


Be an Informed Homeowner

The research theme continues as you look into who you want to work with as you renovate your home. Due to increased demand, many companies are popping up in the home remodeling space. Doing your research by asking your remodeler the right questions of a prospective firm will ensure that you partner with a reputable company with experience and integrity. At Che Bella, we treat our clients the way we want to be treated, leading you through the process from start to finish, acting with the utmost integrity and delivering the highest level of personalized services.  It’s all part of our commitment to making your home beautifully yours.

This philosophy extends to how our Minneapolis design team works with our industry partners as well. Our extensive experience in this space has allowed us to develop deep relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors and artisans alike. We can leverage these relationships to benefit and protect our clients.  As you move through the research process and prepare to pull the trigger on your project, we encourage you to trust, but verify the information you’re coming across and to be a savvy consumer. We welcome any questions that you may have!

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Che Bella Interiors – From Concept to Completion, Twin Cities Remodeling

Is a home remodel or refresh on your 2022 agenda? At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling, we’re both an interior design company and a home remodeling contractor that can take projects from concept to completion. Our Che Bella team wants you to start your  Twin Cities home remodeling project both inspired and informed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you create a space that is beautifully yours!

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