Designer Favorites: Ways to Reorganize a Space

While February might feel a little early for Spring Cleaning, here in Minnesota, couldn’t we all use something to distract us from winter? This month, the team at Che Bella is sharing their favorite tips and ideas for reorganizing a space. Whether you are cleaning out a closet, organizing your spice drawer, storing seasonal items, or more, check out our teams’ insider tips for keeping your home organized!

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Looking to reorganize an overwhelmed closet? Tracy recommends following these seven steps: clear, sort, donate, clean, store, fill & reevaluate, to help organize your closet and, more importantly, keep it that way!

First, clear your entire closet out. Then sort items into different categories. Choose which items to donate. Give your closet a deep clean and store seasonal items in bins. Fill your closet with a system that suits you and revaluate monthly to see what items stay and go.

Even if your closet feels like a lost cause, follow these seven simple steps and, we promise, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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Nothing ruins a beautifully designed space more quickly than a bunch of messy cables running everywhere! Luckily, Calie has a few ideas on how to reorganize power and other cords. From the design end, Calie recommends installing floor outlets under sofas for floating furniture layouts. Or within the kitchen, consider including a charging drawer to keep your counters clear.

Lastly, for your desk space, check out this fun pop-up outlet from Hafele. Designed to fit most standard desks, it just needs to be connected via a single extension cord. Once installed, just ‘pop up’ the outlet when needed!


reorganize trends interior design 2022When it comes to organizing your spice cabinet or drawer, Stefanie recommends using identical bottles and alphabetizing them in order. Having the same bottles give the space a more consistent look. We promise it will bring you joy every time you reach for the oregano!

Her second tip is for the many blankets in your living or bedroom (a must in cold weather climates like Minnesota!) Sure, you can leave them draped over the couch or a chair, but if you have more than one, it will quickly leave your space looking cluttered. Instead, Stefanie recommends using decorative baskets to store your blankets in. Customize your basket choice to your room and your blankets for a cohesive look that doesn’t detract from the surrounding space.

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Like Tracy, Stephanie’s favorite space to organize is her closet. Her tip for a successful closet is to arrange your clothing by item type first and then in rainbow order.  This method of sorting makes it easy to quickly find items and offers you a structure to ensure your clothes stay organized long after you’ve first sorted them. She also loves the Elfa over-the-door mesh rack from The Container Store, ideal for storing smaller items like purses while maximizing your storage space!

Her final tip has to do with seasonal clothing. Ever been in a situation where the weather quickly turns and you are left digging through boxes to find the desired clothing item? Instead, store items using the same formula above in clear storage bins. This makes it much easier to easily locate a stored item without emptying multiple boxes!

minnesota interior design organize trendsWhen it comes to storing everyday items, Ed appreciates the clever use of hidden built-ins and designated storage spaces. There are so many great storage built-ins for the kitchen, like the counter height utensil holder pictured above that uses a small next space next to the stove to provide easy, yet hidden, access to your cooking utensils. Ed also believes in creating dedicated spaces within your home that are designed with organization in mind. A mudroom is a great example. Most coat closets simply can’t keep up with a family busy with kids, sports, work and life! Designing a mudroom off the garage with built-in places to store shoes, hang coats and seating is a perfect solution. See for yourself how we carved out a designated mudroom space in a recent Eagan, MN kitchen remodel!


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