Top 12 Interior Design and Home Remodeling Trends in 2022

A new year is upon us, and with it comes new opportunities for sprucing up our spaces.

From driving a new need for remote-friendly environments to prompting families to create more gathering spaces, the pandemic changed the way we live in our homes. As we look toward a brighter future in 2022 and beyond, there’s no better time than now to think about how you want your home to look, feel, and function.

Whether you’re undertaking a design overhaul for a full fresh start or just giving a facelift to a room or two, here’s a closer look at 12 of the top interior design and home remodeling trends we’re seeing this year.


1. All Things Organic and Natural

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Nature has many proven benefits for health and wellness. Given the stressfulness of our times, it’s fitting that natural and organic elements take center stage in 2022. In fact, this is just one of several “biophilic designs”—defined by the International Living Future Institute as “the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities”—you’ll find on this list.

Earth’s natural wonders are plentiful and beautiful. Drawing inspiration from them in your interior design scheme can have a rich and restorative effect.

Surfaces are one area of focus with materials like marble, terracotta, travertine, and stoneware being incorporated across everything from backsplashes to decorative elements. The soft and imperfect nature of these organic and natural materials creates visual interest, adds depth, and soothes the eye. Other organic and natural materials we’ll be seeing in 2022 include woven natural materials like rattan, sisal, and jute as well as organic textures like cowhide and driftwood.

One of the best things about this interior design trend? Organic and natural materials vary significantly in terms of their look and feel. Depending on your personal style, taste, and goals, materials like brick, glass, wood, cork, bamboo, tiles, and stone can help you create the exact aesthetic you desire.


2. A Focus on Feng Shui

Feng shui is hardly new, but the pandemic reinforced the allures of creating harmonious and peaceful homes. This ancient Chinese practice involves arranging living spaces to achieve balance between people and their environments.

Specifically, feng shui comprises five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. If your home feels “off” or not quite right, incorporating one or more of these elements—each of which has unique and mood-influencing qualities—may be the solution.

Some simple feng shui tips include eliminating clutter, improving your front door and entryway, creating opportunities for pausing and reflection, striking a balance between all five elements, maximizing natural light, and reconfiguring your kitchen’s workstations.

Speaking of kitchen workstations, you may already be familiar with the “kitchen triangle” setup between the refrigerator, stove, and sink. However, you may not know that this rule exists in alignment with feng shui by ensuring balance between wood, water, and fire elements.


3. Going Green

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While greenery could fall under the heading of natural and organic materials or feng shui, it deserves an entry of its own. Specifically, big indoor plants are “in” in 2022, including statement-making botanicals like oversized cacti and dramatic birds of paradise.

Not feeling a floor-to-ceiling plant in your living space? Consider a “veggie corner” instead. Rather than featuring a single oversized plant, designate a corner of your home for a cluster of low-maintenance plants, such as succulents.

Other houseplant trends we’ll be seeing in the year ahead, according to Better Homes & Gardens? Blooming plants, plants with colorful leaves, ferns, climbing plants, monstera, and Ficus plants—which are much easier to care for than their cousin, the fussy fiddle-leaf fig.


4. Retro Influences

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Trendbook zeroed in on two particular eras that are having a major moment now: “Urban Nineties” and “Seventies Retro.”

While the former may recall eye-popping colors, geometric shapes, and funky patterns, there are many ways to capture the 90s vibe while also creating a modern space, such as through the incorporation of contemporary pieces and art.

Similarly, selectively pulling in elements of 70s-era design will allow you to capture the carefree spirit of the time without descending into kitsch. Some on-trend design ideas to consider include a bold front door in a pop of orange or red; cheerful bathrooms; materials like wicker, rattan, and macramé; bright appliances; floor pillows; chunky accessories; hanging chairs; the linoleum look; and retro patterns, such as geometric shapes, psychedelic designs, and palm patterns.

And remember: Restraint is everything when it comes to pulling off a retro-inspired interior without ending up in full-on Clueless or Brady Bunch territory.


5. “New Minimalism”

Minimalism has been a design buzzword in recent years, and that’s not changing anytime soon. In 2022, however, “minimalism” is taking on deeper meaning.

Rather than just being about clean lines, light wood, natural light, and clutter-free spaces, new minimalism aspires to infuse a feeling of clarity, comfort, and calmness through carefully curated spaces. More fluid lines and curves, asymmetricity, and imperfect and raw finishes add up to imperfect yet reassuringly personal environments.

One rule of thumb when it comes to embracing “new minimalism”? Put luxury and intentionality at the forefront. These things not only elevate your space, but add value to your life, too.


6. A Color Comeback

Warm neutrals, natural colors, and other soft hues were hallmarks of pandemic interior design, and with good reason: we needed all the tranquility we could get! Now, colors are starting to make a comeback.

One shade at the top of the list in keeping with the 70s retro theme. Chocolate brown, as well as other earthy warm tones. This deep neutral has a bold, rich, and timeless look and feel. We’ll also be seeing a movement from white walls to moodier wall-to-ceiling monochromatic moments.

And then there’s Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: “Very Peri.” Explains Pantone of its pick, “Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.”

Returning to the green theme, we’ll also be seeing a lot of this vibrant verdant hue this year. In fact, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, and other color authorities all named green as one of their top paint colors for 2022—from silver-green sage October Mist to versatile green-meets-gray Evergreen Fog.

Meanwhile, Etsy reports a 64 percent spike in shoppers seeking out emerald green home decor items. “Symbolizing harmony and growth, along with royalty and refinement, emerald green is the perfect color to remind us to find balance this year,” explained Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson.

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==> Playful yet subtle pops of color are plentiful in our West St. Paul basement remodel project, The Lively!


7. Elevated Exterior Spaces

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Outdoor living was already growing in popularity prior to the pandemic. However, the old expression absolutely holds true that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Not only have people spent more time in their outdoor spaces in recent years, but they’ve explored and invented new ways to make use of outdoor areas for everything from private relaxation to social gatherings.

In addition to upgrading furniture, other outdoor living trends to look for in 2022 include outdoor sends, sunken outdoor living areas, multi-function outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchen cabinetry, and more.

According to Leslie Adkins, VP of marketing for outdoor living product leader Trex company, “No matter where or how we live, there is continued demand for flexible outdoor areas where people can safely gather, appreciate nature, or simply enjoy a change of scenery. As we continue to navigate and adjust to new ways of living in the coming year, outdoor spaces will play a key role and will become even more important and meaningful.”


8. Double-Duty Design

Space is one of the most sought-after commodities for homeowners. So why not make the most of yours? Rather than sticking with dedicated rooms for activities of daily living, more homeowners are finding ways to create double-duty spaces. One example? Transforming a large walk-in closet into a meditation nook or makeshift home office for remote work.

Embracing multifunctional spaces also reinforces a recurring theme: the desire to create living spaces that aren’t just about how they look, but also about how they make you feel and how useful they are. Form is only one part of the equation. Functionality as a conscious decision is also imperative.

Innovative furniture design is also producing space-maximizing solutions that help today’s homeowners do more with less. These include tray table floor lamps, coffee tables with integrated storage, sleeper chairs, and more.


9. High-Impact Lighting

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Lighting has a transformative impact on a space, and yet it’s often an afterthought. 2022 is the perfect time to think about the role lighting can play in helping you create a warmer and more welcoming home.

Eight lighting trends will be everywhere this year, according to The Spruce. These include oversized and attention-grabbing fixtures like dazzling chandeliers; mixing and matching between unexpected styles, finishes and materials; linear lighting; “fun little touches;” subtle and gentle lighting; room-specific lighting; natural and raw textures; and layered lighting.


10. Sustainability Matters

As Americans increasingly understand the need for social consciousness, many homeowners are looking to incorporate sustainable design into their remodeling projects. This doesn’t have to be a soup-to-nuts enterprise. Rather, consider making progressive updates as you can.

From smaller changes like using low VOC paints and embracing reclaimed wood for everything from furniture to walls to bigger changes like upgrading to energy efficient appliances and adding solar paneling, there are many ways to live more sustainably—within any size or scale of remodeling project.

Many homeowners are also upgrading the exterior areas of their home for sustainability, too. Sustainable landscaping trends include the use of native plants, natural stonework, and sustainable practices like rain barrels and composting.


11. Bathrooms as Sanctuaries

Only have the budget to remodel one room of your home. With families valuing privacy and personal space more than ever before, spa-like bathrooms are having a major moment. Once seen by many as purely functional spaces, bathrooms are now valued for their potential to become spaces where we unwind, de-stress, relax, and rejuvenate.

Luxurious showerheads and other fittings, state-of-the-art steam rooms, luxe lighting, metallic finishes, smart technology, statement walls, and high-end materials like marble are all examples of upgrades that can take your bathroom from ordinary to oasis.

But today’s bathroom remodels aren’t just about creating ambiance. Many bathroom remodels are also incorporating more practical upgrades, such as deep vessel sinks and built-in storage units.

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==>See more photos of ‘The Tranquil’ – a beautiful spa-inspired owner’s suite bathroom remodel in Burnsville 


12. More Than Mudrooms

With families spending more time outdoors, they’re also spending more time moving between interior and exterior spaces. Enter the not-so-humble mudroom.

Today’s homeowners are looking for their mudrooms to be much more than spaces for passing through. Storage and organization for clothing and equipment is at the top of the list for many homeowners—especially in snowy climates like the Twin Cities. In addition to serving as a “drop zone,” spacious mudrooms can also be places for bundling up, thereby sparing the rest of the home from overflow. Many homeowners are also choosing to incorporate laundry, pet showers, seating, sinks, and workstations into their mudrooms.

One final note on mudroom remodels? Just because these transitional spaces are inherently utilitarian doesn’t mean they can be warm and inviting. Area rugs, pops of color, and other decorative elements are all ways to elevate the modern-day mudroom.


Let us Create a Space That’s Beautifully Yours

There’s no better way to welcome a new year than by freshening up or even reinventing your living space by incorporating one or more of these 12 interior design and home remodeling trends into your living space.

Whether you’re looking for advice or you’re ready to get started on your home remodeling or design project with the help of an experienced interior designer in the Twin Cities, the Che Bella team is ready to help. To learn more about how our expert design team can help create a space that is beautifully yours, contact us today.

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