4 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Home

Happy New Year!

2021 was most definitely a year of transition. And while there were challenges, there have also been some silver linings! During the past year, many of us have deepened our appreciation for time with loved ones, ourselves and even our homes!

As we at Che Bella celebrate the beginning of a new year, we are looking for opportunities to be more mindful and reflect on some of the small but significant details in life that help lend a sense of calm and appreciation for what surrounds us. And there’s no better place to start than on the home front.

Keep reading as our Minneapolis team of interior designers and remodelers share tips and ideas on how to bring mindfulness into your home.


1. Invite Nature In

As humans, we instinctively yearn to connect with nature and other living beings. With a majority of our lives spent indoors, many of us don’t have many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the tranquility of nature. In 2022, try adding a few potted plants, fresh flowers, or display a bowl of your favorite seasonal fruit on your kitchen counter to remind yourself of the vibrancy of nature. It’s a small touch but one that might surprise you with its impact.

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2. Soft Color Palette

Have an open-floor concept in your home? With too much going on, these spaces can quickly feel overwhelming and lessen the sense of calm and balance throughout the entire space. One easy way to counter this is to introduce a soft color palette using neutrals such as grays, beiges, and warm whites. You can incorporate these tones into wall colors or accents pieces such as rugs, throws and pillows. Having a uniform soft color palette instills a sense of order and peace, helping calm your mind and relax your body.


3. Establish a Serene Space

Pick a spot in your home away from any distractions and transform it into your own mindful oasis. Place a swivel chair by a window and take a few moments to journal or read. If you practice meditation, try incorporating essential oils or candles to help engage your senses and become more in tune with your surroundings. These personalized touches can go a long way to helping you destress.

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4. Declutter Your Space

When your space is cluttered, so is your mind. It is a physical reflection of what is going on in your subconscious. To break through the clutter, go through your space and ask yourself what needs to be seen and what can be stored away. We recommend using hidden storage such as an ottoman that can be both decorative and functional. Built-in’s are another great way to maximize storage and add dimension. We think you’ll find that getting rid of the clutter helps free up both physical and mental space. 



Let the Minneapolis Interior Design Experts at Che Bella Interiors Make Your Home Beautifully Yours!

Is creating a more calm and serene home on your new year’s resolution list for 2022? Reach out to the Twin Cities remodeling and interior design experts at Che Bella Interiors + Remodeling to discuss the next steps to incorporate mindfulness into your home. Whether you’re looking to transform one room or re-imagine an entire floor or home, we’d love to help bring a sense of tranquility to your space in 2022!

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