Our Favorite Basement Finishing Ideas for Families

At Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling, we’re always looking for new and exciting trends in interior design and home renovation to share with you in this blog. This week, we’re focusing on fabulous basements the whole family can enjoy.

When it comes to home remodeling in Minneapolis, many homeowners are opting to expand their current floorplan to include a completely redesigned basement. Here are seven of our favorite basement renovation ideas to get you thinking about transforming your own basement into a space that is beautifully yours.


1. Tons of Storage Space

If you’re like most families with kids, there just isn’t enough storage space in the rest of your house to accommodate all the stuff that accumulates. The good news is that a finished basement is an excellent way to help store all these items.

Built-in cabinets, additional closets, and even storage furniture are all excellent ideas to include in your dream basement. You can also portion off a section of the space as a large storage area with contemporary shelving and stylish totes or baskets to hide seasonal decor or other items.

Lower Level Remodel Burnsville MN Playroom Design

==> A place for grandkids to play was incorporated into the basement remodel of this lakeside home in Burnsville, MN


2. Pit Sectionals

Another popular trend for finished basements is pit sectionals. These extra deep sofas make it easy to sink into and lounge, while offering enough seating for the whole family. Usually, they’re twice as deep as a normal sectional or include chaise lounge sections in multiple spots. Some are also modular, meaning you can rotate them to custom fit your basement layout.

Best of all, they come in many styles, colors, and fabrics. Plus, they’re often big enough to double as a comfortable place for guests to sleep when your children have friends over or family members visit overnight.


3. Drywall & Paint

Adding drywall and texture over block or concrete, along with paint or wallpaper makes the space feel like an extension of the rest of your home and less like a basement.

It’s important, however, that plumbing and electrical fixtures in your basement are framed around properly for safety reasons. That’s why we recommend hiring a contracting team like Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling to help with this part of the basement renovation process.


4. Quality Lighting

Again, you want your basement to feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. To achieve this, you’ll need quality lighting. Recessed lighting, pendant lights, and even table lamps can all give you the ambient glow you’re looking for.

Additionally, you might want to add dimmers or WiFi-enabled switches for setting the mood in your space.


5. Home Theaters

Another trend in basement remodels is the home theater. You can go with a projector screen and comfortable theater chairs to really recreate the feeling of being in an actual movie theater. There’s also the option to add a surround sound system or fun elements like a popcorn wagon as part of the decor.

The best part about today’s home theaters is that they can be as detailed or as simple as you want them to be. For example, maybe you want an area for the kids to hang out and have movie nights with friends, which only requires a comfortable sectional and a screen. But if you’re planning on hosting weekly football parties to cheer on the Vikings, then you probably want a bigger setup. Lucky for us, our partner company, SLH Home Systems, specialized in home theater and audio solutions. Check out their Home Theater page on their website to learn about the options available to you!


6. Built-In Play Structures

Another thing that families love adding to basements is built-in play structures for the little ones. After all, it can be difficult to get outdoors during the winter and many indoor can be too crowded.

Instead, a bit of lumber and a whole lot of creativity can give your children a fun fort, indoor slide, or just a cool place to hang out. And, as they grow, you can alter the design to become a loft bed with a desk underneath.


7. Gorgeous Home Offices

Maybe you aren’t as concerned about giving the kids a place to play or a space for everyone to hang out. In that case, you might be interested in turning your basement into a gorgeous home office with plenty of space to work remotely in comfort.

That’s where adding a beautiful desk, built-in bookcases and cabinets, a sleek credenza and comfortable seating will work well in the space. We work with many vendors who offer the best custom furniture in Minneapolis to help you find the right pieces and style to suit your needs.


==> Looking to carve out a home office space in your home. See our portfolio of home office projects including this Apple Valley, MN home office.


Let Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling Transform Your Basement

These are just a few ideas of how you can reimagine what you could do with your basement. Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling can transform your basement into a comfortable place for your family to make memories and grow.

Not sure where to start with your basement remodeling project? As a Minneapolis interior design company and remodeling company, we can assist with every step of the process from concept to completion. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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