Take Our Quiz: What’s Your Furniture Style?

As an interior design company dedicated to creating spaces that are beautifully yours, our Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling team loves helping clients with home remodeling in the Twin Cities.

Whether you’re looking for help with kitchen, bathroom or whole home remodeling or you need a keen eye for improving the look of your space with furniture and accents, our interior designers in Minneapolis can help you get the look that meets your unique style.

But what if you aren’t quite sure what your furniture style is?

No problem! We’ve put together this fun quiz to help you narrow down your design options. Find out how you score by comparing your answers below.


1. What Does Your Ideal Room Look Like?

A. Super minimal and clean.

B. Lots of details like sleek, straight lines paired with furniture featuring rounded corners and soft edges.

C. Reclaimed details and a cozy vibe.

D. Lots of houseplants, misted textures, and bright colors.


2. What Furniture Details Do You Like Most?

A. Anything with clean lines.

B. Neutral color palette with organic textures.

C. White paint and canvas upholstery in neutral tones.

D. Functionality over form with a mix of materials.


3. Do You Like a Lot of Color in Your Space?

A. Not really. Only occasional pops got added drama.

B. Yes! I prefer a strong balance of warm and cool hues together, but accessories should be bright.

C. Just neutrals and classic hues. Black, white, cream, and gray are my jam.

D. Yes. Bright yellows, bold orange, and other hues are all great additions to any room.


4. How Do You Feel About Wallpaper?

A. If it is a geometric pattern or abstract print, I might like it. Otherwise, I would prefer to skip wallpaper.

B. I love it. It’s a great way to fuse modern and traditional styles together while keeping a room looking cohesive and chic.

C. Wallpaper in a black gingham, faux shiplap, or other style would be adorable in my space.

D. Something with a retro pattern or fun colors would look great in my home.


5. How Much Furniture and Accessories Do You Feel Belongs in a Room?

A. Less is more. I prefer open space to a lot of clutter.

B. Somewhere in the middle, if it features a lot of comfortable details, like cushions and pillows.

C. You can never have too many little touches or comfy spaces that make a house feel warm and lived in.

D. Everything in a space should have a function. If it does not, then it probably isn’t necessary.


6. How Do You Feel About Natural Elements in Your Home?

A. Certain things that bring good energy, like a bonsai tree or a rock garden, are fine. But not so much that it creates clutter.

B. I absolutely adore elements like wood furniture, metallics, and other natural elements. However, don’t go overboard with it. The space should still look clean and modern.

C. Flowers, plants, and reclaimed woods are a wonderful addition to my home and look good with my other charming accessories.

D. The more I can incorporate nature into my home, the better. I love plants, sliding doors, picture windows, and other similar designs.


Scoring Your Quiz

Now that you’ve jotted down your answers, let’s look at how you scored. Add up the number of A, B, C, and D answers to get an idea of your best furniture style.

If You Scored Mostly As… You Enjoy Modern Minimalist Furniture: The modern minimalist design style is largely marked by clean lines, a monochromatic style, and very sparse use of furnishings to create an open, uncluttered style. If you prefer this type of decor, then you’ll love super modern furnishings with a high focus on functionality and zero fuss.

If You Scored Mostly Bs… You Would Love Transitional Style Pieces: The transitional style is primarily marked by a mix of both modern and classic elements. Think comfortable furniture, mixed textures, and favorites marked by your own personal taste. A lot of designers refer to transitional as “in-between” as it doesn’t follow many strict rules.

If You Scored Mostly Cs… Your Best Bet is Modern Farmhouse Furniture: Lots of whites, woods, and reclaimed details are all part of the modern farmhouse design. Some people tend to lean a little more towards the vintage farmhouse style, while others prefer less antiques and more clean details. Bright spaces with white paint and neutral hues are common. The main element for furniture of this style? It should be both cozy and comfortable, such as a plush armchair or a large dining table suitable for the whole family to gather around.

If You Scored Mostly Ds… You Prefer Mid-Century Modern Design: If you love the look of furnishings from the 50s and 60s, then mid-century modern is likely your preferred decor style. Think elements like egg chairs, an Eames lounger, or a wishbone chair. Pops of color in chartreuse green or mustard yellow are also super common.

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Let Che Bella Interiors Help You Discover Your Design Style

Of course, this is just a simple little quiz to help you know which way to go with your personal decor style before purchasing furniture. The truth? There are a lot of great styles that fall outside these four categories.

Working with our Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling team, we can help narrow down the ideal furniture and home decor style to suit your lifestyle. As interior design experts, we can also help you choose the right paint colors, flooring, and window coverings in Minneapolis.

We offer conception to completion interior design and home remodeling services, meaning we handle every aspect of the design and construction process. From a simple bathroom addition to a whole-home remodel, we’d love to help you discover your design style and create a space that is beautifully yours! Reach out to us for expert design advice today.

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