Designer Favorites: Bedroom Must Haves

Long day and ready to hit the hay, or how about that feeling of not wanting to leave your bed? We understand you completely! Bedrooms are the ultimate comfort oasis! Of course, the first step to creating your own personal retreat is selecting the perfect go-to décor, bedding, and lighting. Keep reading to find out what bedroom design must-haves our team at Che Bella Interiors recommends for creating the perfect sleeping paradise.

2021 interior designer must havesThe first item on Tracy’s must-have list? Luxurious bedding. Given the amount of time we spend sleeping (about 1/3 of each day if getting 8 hours),  a comfortable bed with high-quality bed linens is a must.  Tracy’s Tip: Always invest in a quality mattress that is comfortable and spend some extra money on linens and bedding that feels really good to you.  Trust us when we say, having luxury bedding will make going to bed a treat! Not only do they feel wonderful, but they can also enhance your mood and help you feel more relaxed.



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For Calie, her priority is centered around creating a relaxing vibe. To achieve that, she recommends selecting the best bedding you can afford. After all, we deserve to sleep in peace and comfort! Calie’s Tip? Consider incorporating tranquil textures into your pillows and linens – think ultra-soft blankets or faux fur-covered pillows. And let’s not forget a nightstand or a lamp to fit each sleeper’s needs, as well as a dimmable wall sconce to complete the vibe.



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Stefanie’s bedroom design must have is the feeling of ultimate comfort. Whether it’s through color, the softness of the bed and sheets, or a great side table to place a candle and book to catch up on – everyone needs the feeling of ultimate comfort in their bedroom! Stefanie’s Tip: Select elements that don’t just look right but that also feel authentic to you.  Choosing items solely based on a photo or appearance may create a space that looks beautiful but if items selected feel uncomfortable or don’t function well, your bedroom won’t bring you comfort and rest.


2021 bedroom design trendsFor our new design assistant, Stephanie, her must-have feature is lighting. And not just any lighting, the right lighting that speaks to you. If you like waking up to natural light flooding into your room, curtains are a great way to allow warmth and the gentle ways of morning light in. Or perhaps you love a really dark space? Then light-blocking window blinds may be your ideal choice. And don’t forget your internal lighting choices.  Stephanie’s tip: Choose bedroom lighting that not only looks beautiful but addresses your functional needs as well. For example, if you love to read before bed, a side table lamp is a must-have for creating the cozy setting you need to get through the night.


Let Che Bella Interiors Help You Design the Most Comfortable Bedroom

Have you been daydreaming about the PERFECT bedroom but don’t know where to start? Do you need help designing your bedroom must-haves that will suit your needs and bring joy, comfort, and relaxation for years to come?   Reach out to our Minneapolis interior design team for expert design advice, furniture selection, and more. Let us create a space that is beautifully yours!

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