Designer Favorites: Statement Foyer Lighting

Your entry is the first thing people see when they visit your home so why not have some fun and wow family and guests by welcoming them with a statement foyer light fixture?  Not sure where to start? We’ve collected some of our favorites among the latest trend-setting foyer lighting fixtures blending function plus beauty.  Ready to be inspired? Keep reading…

foyer lighting minnesotaMaking a statement with foyer lighting is a must for Tracy, but she especially loves lighting choices that fill the room with a lively pattern by playing with light and shadows to create a design on the ceiling.



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Calie has an eye for making a modern statement and her lighting choice doesn’t disappoint! She recommends layering several of these fixtures at various heights to create interest. Perfect for many applications but an ideal for two-story entries that call for the space to be filled in a unique yet functional manner.



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The linear light fixture on the left, with hammered elements and reminiscent of the hexagonal stone and icebergs, reminds Stefanie of a trip she took to Fingal’s Cave in Scotland. For those who appreciate design influenced by nature, she also loves the fixture on the right. With its clean lines and strict architecture of the fixture balanced by the soft globes, it adds interest without being overbearing.



Foyer Lighting & Interior Design Minneapolis MNKathy finds these fixtures both luxurious and artistic, perfect for setting the stage for an entire space. Kathy’s tip? When considering a design concept for a foyer or entry, a bold light fixture can make as much of a statement as a piece of fine art.



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Anna loves statement foyer lighting that is casual, yet glamorous. Her tip? Consider implementing fun and funky light fixtures to your foyer to bring visual interest and inject your unique personality into the space.


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Not sure how to make the biggest impact with statement foyer lighting in your home? Would you love some guidance with the vast array of styles and finishes that will reflect your unique personality and esthetic? Reach out to our design team for expert design advice, fixture, furniture selection, and more. From foyers that uniquely reflect your lifestyle to home remodels tailored to your needs, we create spaces that are beautifully yours, from concept to creation!


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