Designer Favorites: Outdoor Rugs

Just in time for a scorching hot June, we wanted to share our favorite outdoor rugs. Rugs are ideal for adding color, texture, or zing to your outdoor space. Of course, the options are limitless, so we wanted to share a few of our favorites to help inspire you!

modern contemporary rug trends

Tracy appreciates the fact that this rug is hand-knotted 100% polyester meaning it can be used indoors or outdoors. The natural organic feel and how it relates to the colors of the sky and the earth are simply sublime! It would pair delightfully with many different types of outdoor furniture and, as a bonus, it’s super durable and easy to care for!

textural outdoor rug trends

Calie actually owns the textural featured rug on the left (#1) and has it placed on her deck. Living in the woods and surrounded by greenery, the rug is the perfect complement! The shag is oh-so-soft, and its varying height adds an organic/boho vibe that fits any outdoor space really well. Looking for something a little more understated but still offering the same global feel? Calie recommends the option pictured in the upper right!

indoor outdoor rug trends

Stefanie never shies away from color, and her first rug choice (#1) certainly delivers with a gorgeous bohemian pattern and delicious brightness of colors.  Surrounded by foliage, this rug would absolutely pop but in an ever so sophisticated way. Her second rug choice (#2), featuring crisp, clean, modern lines, would also play beautifully with nature. Stefanie envisions it outdoors, with bright green grasses swaying around it.

patterned outdoor rug trends

Kathy also loves color, something her two rug choices reflect beautifully! With patterns that feel interesting and whimsical, she recommends pairing these rugs with furniture that is fairly quiet as the perfect way to spice things up.

colorful outdoor rug trends

Anna, our design intern for this summer,  suggests rug #1 for its deep saturated hues and the dreamy quality of the pattern. Saturated yet subtle, it would complement and add interest to a variety of outdoor spaces. For those looking for something a bit quieter, her second choice (#2) is soft and charming and, dare we say, cozy—perfect for cool Minnesota nights on the patio!


Dreaming of creating the PERFECT outdoor space? Want to learn more about the amazing array of outdoor rugs options available and which is the best for you?  Reach out to our design team for expert design advice, furniture selection, and more. Let us create a space that is beautifully yours!

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