Featured Designer Favorites: Vacation Destinations

Dreaming of travel? As winter takes her sweet time packing up and moving on, we are dreaming of warmer destinations! Join the Che Bella team in seeking adventure as we share some of our favorite vacation destinations!

Tracy and Calie both dream of traveling through the beautiful country of Italy. Exploring the vineyards of Italy’s countryside, visiting natural hot springs, admiring the architectural beauty of Rome, Venice, Florence, and most of all, savoring the Italian cuisine! Tracy is hoping to travel to Italy in the near future. Calie, having been there once before (that lucky gal!), hopes to return for another visit soon!



Stefanie is dreaming of revisiting Iceland! While Iceland isn’t necessarily warmer, it is filled with natural wonders and beautiful scenery! Stephanie can’t wait to roam again through the rough terrain to find hidden waterfalls, a favorite memory from her previous visit!



Any fellow beach lovers out there? Hannah seeks relaxation and adventure visiting the Maldives. Snorkeling, relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand, and enjoying the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets!


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