Featured Designer Favorites: Paint Colors

Paint color plays a key role in shaping the aesthetic of a room and evokes feelings within a space. Whether that space is a Great Room, Master Suite or Kitchen one of the first things you need to ask yourself when looking for a color palette is, “What do I want this space to FEEL like?”. Choosing the right color is instrumental in guiding the mood of a space.

The designers at Che Bella Interiors share their 2020 favorites for all things interiors including; trim, wall, impact and neutral paint colors when designing a space. We’ll be sure to share our updated favorites for 2021 as well.

–  PRO TIP  –

If you just can’t find the right tone in a predetermined color swatch at the paint store, 
request only a percentage of the formula be added to the paint can to create a lighter or darker version of the color you initially liked. 
To go lighter, try 65%-75% of the formula. 
To go darker, try 135%-145% of the formula. 

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