Holiday Decor: How to Make a Splash this Season

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                   The 2019 holiday season is here and it’s time to bust out the holiday decor for Christmas – if you haven’t already!  Christmas will be here before you know it so turn on your favorite Christmas music station and spread around that holiday cheer.  However, if you’re feeling like your holiday decorations are overused and the spark just isn’t there anymore, keep reading to find some inspiration on how to make a splash this holiday season.


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Top 5 Ways to Make a Splash

with Holiday Decor



Try a Different Color Palette

Instead of using the traditional red and greens, try a different color scheme.  Opt for non-traditional colors like icy blue and navy with bright whites, warm grays and light greens with mixed metal tones, or a mix of pastel blues, pinks, greens, and yellow to make for a bright and cheery splash of color this holiday season.  This might be your new holiday tradition! ADDITIONAL TIP: If you’re feeling really adventurous this Christmas, opt for a different colored tree!  Pink, white, even the trending new black trees will make a splash this season!


Use Special Wrapping

Once you’ve decided on your theme for this year’s holiday decor, coordinate your gift wrap to bring the whole design together.  Use ribbons, twine, and pine branches to add that special touch to each gift. Hang a handwritten tag on it too!  Bring these design details to your tree by wrapping the same ribbon around it like garland or tuck bows all around the tree to fill in some of the gaps.  Try using other items to wrap presents in like burlap sacks or linen fabric.  This will bring a more cozy look to your holiday decor this year.  ADDITIONAL TIP: If you display books year-round, wrap your books in coordinating paper/fabrics to add another great design detail.



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Swap Out Your Artwork

A simple way to make your house feel festive this holiday season is to switch out your year-round artwork for holiday-themed artwork.  It’s only for a short time, but it will give you just the boost you need to get into the holiday spirit.  Create a temporary gallery wall with a few holiday items.  Worried about adding more holes in the wall?  Don’t do that!  There are plenty of options for removable wall hooks and they even sell them in the holiday sections so you’ll be sure to find them!


Garland, Garland, and More Garland

Garland can be used literally everywhere around your house for the holidays.  Place it around the doorways, across the fireplace mantle, along the stair railing, table runner, headboard in your bedroom, the dining room chandelier, and don’t forget the tree!  With all of the different holiday styles coming out, you can use just about anything for a garland.  Try faux eucalyptus vines, DIY some paper lanterns on a set of mini string lights, or add in some one-time use options like whole cranberries paired with pine cones.  Even the traditional popcorn garland still works!



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Set Up a Festive Hot Chocolate Station

With family and friends coming in and out of our homes during the holidays, this next tip will save time, every time!  Set up a designated area for a self-serve hot chocolate, coffee, or cocktail station!  It’s the perfect way to make sure your family and friends can enjoy a beverage of their choice while celebrating the holiday joy with their loved ones.  The best part is, is that you can decorate it however you want with holiday mugs, wreaths, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, and mini string lights.  Don’t forget the marshmallows!  Give your station a festive name too, like ‘Santa’s Hot Chocolate Stop‘.  Write it on a chalkboard sign that you can use throughout the years.



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Minneapolis & St. Paul Interior Design (& Holiday Decor!) Resource

You’re now 5 ways closer to having a beautiful holiday season in your home this year with our holiday decorating tips.  We hope you’ve gained some good ideas and that you’ll implement some or all of these to make that holiday splash in your home year after year.  If you’re looking for more holiday decor tips this year, visit House Beautiful magazine’s article, ‘100 Decorating Ideas for the Most Festive Christmas‘ online.  We would love to see your go-to holiday decor and even your new additions!  Be minimal with your decor or go crazy, it will all work!  If you’re looking for some more permanent furnishings in your home that will be the perfect background to any holiday decor year after year, contact us today to start a conversation about your next project and make sure to visit some of our other projects in our portfolio here!

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Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team

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