How to Choose the Right Window Treatments for Any Room in Your Home

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Choosing the right shades for your home can either elevate the design or potentially hinder it, based on light output, color, or other things. If your current shades just aren’t performing that way you want, then you’ve come to the right place to learn how to choose the right window treatments for your home. The world of window treatments is immense but we’re here to give you a few tips and some good information on how to finish a design with the right window treatments.


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Top Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering New Window Treatments:

  • How do I use my space?

    • For example, if someone is looking for custom window treatments for their Master Bedroom, they may say, “I sleep in here at night but sometimes I watch TV in here, mid-mornings on the weekends. I also like for the sun to wake me in the mornings.”
    • Another example for a bedroom, “My husband works day shift, but I work night shifts, so when I’m sleeping during the day, I need complete blackout shades. My husband would still prefer some light to come through in the morning.”
  • How much privacy do I need?

    • Continuing with our first example of a Master Bedroom window treatment, the customer might say, “Since it’s my bedroom, I want full privacy, but I still like to have some light coming through throughout the day.”
    • With the customer from the second example, it sounds like they would need full privacy at different times of the day with their different work schedules, but would still like light to come through somehow, then be able to have blackout, or room darkening, options.
  • Do I need Light Filtering or Room Darkening shades?

    • Light Filtering shades with the option of full privacy would work great for this first customer who wants full privacy but likes to wake up to sunlight in the morning.
    • A Room Darkening shade within a track system, providing total blackout, or a Dual-Shade system that allows you to have a Light Filtering and Room Darkening shade in one blind would work great for this customer.
  • How do I want to operate my shades?

    • Within the many different types of shades, there are many different types of operations that can coordinate. For example, the customer who likes to be woken up by the sun in the mornings could choose a PowerView operation allowing them to set up a schedule for their blinds to open at specific times throughout the day and week.
    • For the couple with opposite schedules, PowerView would still be a fine option, but figuring out a schedule to set the blinds to every day may be difficult. What might work better for this couple is to choose a manual operation. The shade style will depend on what operation style is available, such as the following: Loop cord, Retractable cord/wand, Cordless, and so many more.

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3 Best Selling Window Treatments from Hunter Douglas

  • Screen Shades and Roller Shades

    • Screen Shades and Roller Shades consist of thin fabric with a weighted bar at the bottom. They come in many different fabric choices, in which some are made from a PVC-type material which makes for easy cleaning; ideal for kitchens and kids!
    • Key Features: UV Protection, Variety of Opacities, Dual Roller, Vertical Application with same fabrics called Skyline Panels, & Valances or Cassettes.
    • Operations: Custom Clutch (loop cord), LiteRise (cordless), PowerView, and many more!
  • Duette Honeycomb

    • Duette Honeycomb shades are cellular shades that not only look elegant in the many types of fabrics and colors, they also provide energy-efficiency all year round. There are three different pleat sizes to accommodate small or large windows.
    • Key Features: Energy-Efficiency, Room Darkening LightLock system, Vertical Application, & Sound Absorption.
    • Among the many different operations, the Top Down/Bottom Up feature is also available, and very popular with the Duette shades.
  • NewStyle Hybrid Shutters

    • NewStyle Hybrid Shutters are a great alternative to real wood shutters that can warp over time due to the changing in weather patterns, especially up here in the Midwest!
    • Key Features: Specialty Shapes, Innovative Finetech coating that protects from spills, High-Quality Construction, Easy Care, Rear Tilt, & Large Door Application
    • Operations: Standard Hinged Panels, Bi-Fold Tracks, Bypass Tracks

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Now that you’ve gained some information not only about what type of window treatments are available, but you’ve learned a little bit more about yourself and how to choose the right window treatments for any room in your home. Your spaces with thank you for protecting them and also making them look better! With our newly revamped interior design showroom in Burnsville, MN, we can’t wait to help you choose your new Hunter Douglas window treatments to finish your space and bring comfort to your life. Contact us today to start a conversation about your next project and make sure to visit some of our other projects in our portfolio here!

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Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team

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