The Colors of Inspiration: How Do I Decide?

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Now that spring is truly around the corner, its time to figure out which colors you need to bring into your home.  First, you need to find inspiration!  Look outside, look in your closet, look at all of those Instagram saves.  The world is full of a billion different colors and there are so many different ways to bring it into your space.  Taking a step back to analyze the colors of your favorite things will not only help you appreciate them more, but may help you choose what colors you want to be surrounded by in your home fashions. Don’t be afraid of color, it’s your friend!


“Inspiration is all around, you just have to take the time to really see it.”

– A lot of people


Which colors should I add to my space?
  • Favorite Flower – Visit your nearest greenhouse – or park – and stroll the aisles and pay attention to the colors that you’re drawn too.  Think outside of the box!  Find a flower and really inspect it to see all of the different shades of color in the petals, stem, and leaves.  Taking photos is the best way to take notes about what you like!
  • Favorite Lip/Makeup Shade – Trends are ever changing in the fashion and beauty industry as well as in the interior design industry.  Visit your favorite make up store and walk the aisles really looking at the different eye color palettes and lip shades.
  • Favorite Place in Nature – Visit the zoo or the aquarium, or even your backyard.  Birds and underwater creatures are often times covered with a range of different colors.  A great place to find some fun colors is with the starfish!  But if you’re looking for something a little more subtle and soothing, wait for that perfect, clear sky sunset that fills the sky with wispy blues, purples, pinks, and oranges.
How do I bring these colors into my space?
  • Pillows, pillows, and more pillows –  You can never have too many pillows, right?  This is a great way to layer a few different colors from your inspiration palette.  There are so many more fabric varieties and patterns available now that allow you to go as subtle or as loud as you need with your color choices.
  • Wallpaper is back and better than ever – Whether you need to add a subtle texture or color difference or you’re in need of a ‘WOW’ in your space, consider the wonders of the many options available in wallpaper.
  • Art and accessories – These are easily interchangeable throughout your entire home.  A great way to bring more focus to a colorful piece of art work is to match the frame and the mat board to your wall color.  This will highlight the art more.  Or, choose a color from the art and coordinate it with the frame!  One of our favorite ways to sprinkle a little color into a room is with books.  Che Bella has access to books of almost every color to brighten up your bookcase or coffee table!


You never know when inspiration will find you so always be ready to snap a photo or jot down a note about something you noticed, whether good or bad.  This will help you make a lot of decisions not only with what colors surround you in your home throughout the changing seasons but also in every other aspect of life, therefore, “sparking joy.”


“Finding your inspiration is really what brings life back into your life.” .

Stefanie Engstrom


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Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella team


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