3 Tips on How to Bring Life back into your Home for Spring




1. Rearrange Your Furniture Layout

Sometimes there are a few different ways to arrange furniture in a room.  Each layout can offer a different feeling of being in the space.  Is your New Year’s resolution to cut out more TV and add in a few more books or less tech-y type hobbies?  If so, you may have more options for different layouts in the living room if it doesn’t need to center around the TV.  If you’re an avid TV-watcher, no problem!  Try moving the sofas to another spot with the chairs on the opposite side.  It never hurts to try!  This will help you assess the room and your belongings to see if the style and comfort is still what you desire.  Rearranging your furniture isn’t just limited to the living room. Try changing things up in the bedrooms and office too! Making small changes by simply moving a piece of furniture to another area can really improve the use of the space and simultaneously improve your attitude and mindset.  After all, spring cleaning isn’t just for actual cleaning!


2. Change Out Your Accessories

Do you still have that plaid Christmas pillow hanging out from the holidays?  Nothing wrong with a good plaid, but I think it’s time to retire the Christmas decorations until next winter.  After you’ve assessed the furniture layout in any of the rooms in your home, take a look at the decor.  There are SO many things to add to a room to bring life into it.  Color, in general, is an easy start.  I’ve got two words, Throw Pillows.  I’ve heard people can be obsessed and I don’t blame them.  With the variety of patterns and colors available, there is definitely something out there for everyone.  Throw pillows can bring in color, texture, pattern to a room and make it feel more lived-in and cozier.  Next, look at your windows. Need to add visual height to your space? Try adding a couple of stationary panels at the ends of your windows.  Just like the pillows, there are numerous styles, textures, patterns, and colors that can change or add to the vibe you are after for the upswing in warmer spring weather.  If you have a wood floor, don’t forget about rugs!  Adding a colorful or soothing rug to your furniture layout will ground the whole space and make it feel even more finished.


3.  Add Living Plants

Another great way to bring life back into your house after a dreary, frigid winter, is actual life!  Plants, plants, and more plants!  Springtime isn’t the only good time to get a new plant.  Bachman’s is open year-round!  Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb – or any other finger – there are so many low maintenance plants available for that exact reason.   It’s great to research the type of plants you’re interested in having to see if the maintenance compares to what you are willing to do to care for them.  However, if maintaining another living thing besides yourself, or your significant other and kids, is not up your alley,  then look into faux plants like succulents or a small bouquet of bright flowers.  Faux plants have come a long way in the market and they’re looking more real every day!  Che Bella Interiors has access to a variety of faux plants to add to your home if  you are having a hard time finding the right plant(s).  Below is a list of low-maintenance plants to consider:

  • Snake Plant  (Sansevieria) – Needs low, indirect light.  Water every 2- 6 weeks depending on the humidity in your home.
  • Succulents – Varying ways, but most succulents don’t need very much water, since they carry their water in their leaves.  Typically need watering one to two times a month, and less in the winter.
  • Asparagus Fern – Bright, indirect light.  Needs watering every 3-5 days.


We promise spring is coming!  But if you’re feeling down about how the snow and negative temps just won’t stop, try one or all of these 3 tips to bring life back into your home even before spring gets here!


Written by Stefanie from the Che Bella Team 

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