Best Halloween Decorations for a Modern Home

If you’re like me, you love when it’s time for fall. The leaves start changing, it’s sweater weather, and most importantly, you get to decorate for Halloween! With all the ghoulish, over-the-top options out there, how do you decorate for your fashionable pad? This is a quick guide for the best Halloween decorations for a modern home.


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! They’re everywhere. They’re in your neighbors yard, in the entryway to the grocery store….. They’re even in your coffee! How can we take this epidemic and make them stylish for our homes? Simple. Use them in a less traditional way. Instead of having the ho-hum orange pumpkin on your table, paint one and stylish color. Take a small pumpkin family, paint them white, and use them as a centerpiece at your next fabulous party. What about painting them metallic gold? Mind. Blown. If you’re not into painting, just go to your local craft store like Michael’s and search for a nice black velvet one. Oh, how you’ll be the talk of the town.


Autumn wreaths are causing a stir in the design world. You can use anything from bird feathers, to pinecones, to paper. Target has a fabulous collection out right now that showcases stunning organic patterns created with natural textures. You can afford to be a bit more sophisticated and bold in this department, as this is on your door and is a statement to the outside world.


Halloween trees are a thing now, and they’re amazing! You can place a thorny branch in a vase, with and hang paper bats on it. You could be ambitious and get a full-size synthetic tree (preferably black) and hang all sorts of ghoulish yet stylish ornaments up. Pier 1 has a fantastic selection of glittery, chic little options to hang on your spooky tree.

Table Top Decor

This could go on forever. There are so many options for decorating your table it’s scary! Target has endless options of macabre candle holders, crystalized skulls, skeleton dining ware, etc. The list goes on. Having a few touches of rich velvets, feathers, and sparkle will really bring your dinner party to life (or back from the dead). Use an editing eye to avoid going overboard bedazzle and sparkle.


These are just a examples of the best Halloween decorations for a modern home. Remember to have fun and infuse your personality into it. It’s your home, and it will now be spooky and stylish.

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