Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Art Deco is one of the most sought after design styles in modern history. It inspires visions from the Great Gatsby to the Chrysler Building. But how do you capture the magic of this era for your home? Here are a few tips and art deco interior design ideas.

Common Themes

So we know what art deco looks like as a concept, but what are the fundamental themes? We want to look for angular lines, sunbursts, trapezoids, chevrons, and an jagged type of pattern. Other elements are very stylized animals, viewed in a glamorous light, branches, leaves, and opulent feathers. Perhaps you can have accent pieces like a feathered throw pillow, or a statement mirror with angular lines or a sunburst frame. Don’t be afraid to be bold!


The most iconic colors that come to mind are daring contrasts like black and gold or chrome. Think elegant gangster in New York! If you’re not up for such a drastic color pairing try a soft pink with subtle accents of black. Perhaps you could have elegant, dark polished wood for your dining table with cream chairs as a contrast. Have fun and go glam.


The shapes that you want to go for are strong and angular. This is really were the iconic lines of the Chrysler Building and skyscrapers come to mind. Try a tall, angular floor lamp, or be brave and try a grandfather clock. The sky’s the limit. Pun intended.


So we’re going bold and strong with the shapes, but now we can try adding lush fabrics in solids. Picture your gorgeous dark lacquered bed frame with a soft, silk, cream comforter. Oh, to fall into bed…. If you’re not into solids, then go crazy with angular patterns. Remember, it’s the roaring 20’s. You’re allowed to be over the top.


These are just a few tips and art deco interior design ideas. Remember what we’ve learned: Angular lines are good, contrast is your friend, and you’re allowed to go glam and have fun. These tips will help you get started and bring a little of the roaring 20’s into your modern home.

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