What We Learned From Amy Flurry

We watched Amy Flurry, author of Recipe For Press, speak at a conference in Denver over the summer. She was nice enough to give us all a copy of her book (which is a great read!).  In the end, we entered into a drawing for a meeting with Amy to review our business. A few weeks later, we were lucky enough to be selected as the drawing winner! After our full rebrand, it was great to get a fresh set of eyes on our branding and marketing strategy.

A photo of Amy Flurry

The biggest takeaway we received was that we were on the right track with our rebranding and the steps we were making. A rebrand can be daunting, with web development and design, logo creation, new social media strategies, and more. It was great to hear from an industry expert that the hard work was paying off.

As interior designers, advancements in the digital world play a big role in how we market ourselves as creatives. Our advice to other designers? – figure out what distinguishes you from everyone else! With so many opportunities out there for media creation, it’s crucial to know which media and platforms are beneficial for your business.

That being said, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have opened up a whole new world of inspiration for creatives. It’s always fun to see what other interior designers, local and national, are promoting. There are so many options out there so it can be a challenge to get it just right, but we want to thank Amy Flurry for her advice during our discussion. It definitely motivated us and we hope other designers take some inspiration from this as well!




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