Interior Design in the Glensheen Mansion

I recently went on a mini “stay-cation” to Duluth, MN and finally took a tour of the Glensheen mansion. Needless to say, I was in interior design heaven! I was in awe of all the design selections and ornate attention to detail, especially for the time frame in which it was built. The mansion was built between 1905-1908 and the interior (including furnishings) is 95% original. Very impressive considering it is over 100 years old. It cost around $850,000 to build at the time, with an equivalent today of over $22 million dollars. While the mansion itself does have a famously notorious shadow (definitely not covered on the tour) the design and building leaves much to be appreciated and makes the mansion well deserving of its iconic standing in Duluth. Check out the official website for more information and story of the Congdon family, and I highly recommend taking a tour if you are in the Duluth area. Below are some of my highlights from the tour and favorite items I spotted with my interior design eye!

1 glensheen mansion blog lighting

2 glensheen mansion blog lighting

3 glensheen mansion blog ceiling

4 glensheen mansion blog bathroom

5 glensheen mansion blog doors

6 glensheen mansion blog woodwork

7 glensheen mansion blog windows

8 glensheen mansion blog wallcovering



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