Five Friday Favorites: Mirrors

We are in the process of making selections for clients who are finishing their basement, and we have all fallen in love with a 4″ mirrored tile.  Click here to see the tile in our Instagram feed.  This new mirror tile has got me thinking of how classic mirrors are, and the ways in which we keep seeing this timeless material used over and over in the interior design industry.  Check out my 5 favorite ways in which mirrors remain a staple of most every room.  Happy Friday!

Five Friday Favorites oversized mirrors che bella interiors

Oversized mirrors in a space will reflect back the room, making it appear larger and more open.  When positioned correctly, they can reflect art like shown above.  I especially love when they are positioned to reflect a view to the outdoors because it helps to bring the outside in.

Five Friday Favorites vanity mirrors che bella interiors

There will always be a mirror in the bathroom out of sheer necessity.  I love when mirrors are built into surrounding cabinetry for a custom look because it gives the room something extra than simply hanging a coordinating framed mirror.  Choosing a bold, funky, or otherwise contrasting mirror can instantly make the mirror a fun focal point for the bathroom.

Five Friday Favorites mirrored furniture che bella interiors

I will admit that I think the mirrored nightstand has become a bit of a cliche.  However, I am very much still in love with other mirrored furniture pieces.  Choosing a coffee or side table in a mirrored finish adds drama yet keeps the space feeling more open.  I don’t think you will ever go wrong with choosing an accent table with a mirrored top.  I especially love antiqued mirror finishes on furniture because it creates a fabulous vintage feel.

Five Friday Favorites mirrors as art che bella interiors

Choosing a mirror instead of art is a way to ensure that your space will always be classic because a mirror will never go out of style.  I love the idea of pairing multiple mirrors together to create more drama- and it is a unique twist on the ever popular art collage wall.  Again, hanging a mirror in a space reflects back the room so it is a perfect choice for over a fireplace, in the hallway, or stairway.

Five Friday Favorites mirrored material che bella interiors

In addition to hanging mirrors and furniture, mirrored materials are also part of many interiors as well.  Mirrors as tile are a great option to add drama and reflection to walls and backsplashes of bathrooms, kitchens, and bars.  We were all instantly in love with the amazing ‘Gypsy’ fabric from Weitzner where mirrored sequins are hand-sewn to the linen fabric to create a fantastic reflected surface that mimics light shining through latticed windows.  Mirrors are also showing up in recycled materials such as countertops.  The Green Collection of Eco by Cosentino is made from recycled materials, with certain colors being made primarily of mirrors.


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