Tuesday Trends: “Playful Purple”

To continue our Tuesday Trends, I am blogging about a color I have been especially drawn to lately- purple.  Elizabeth did a great blog post last Tuesday on Moody Blues and it got  me thinking about all the amazing purples that are out there right now.  The current purples are a bit muted, with hints of fuchsia undertones.  Check out the photos below for great examples of how to incorporate these sultry colors in your spaces!

Che Bella Interiors Tuesday Trends Playful Purple 1

The dramatic purple in this kitchen is fun and kept from being too overwhelming by keeping the floor, ceiling, and counter tops a crisp white. (1)

Che Bella Interiors Tuesday Trends Playful Purple 2

This room is a great example of how to use a bold accent color in a subtle way.  By painting the wall behind white shelves, it provides a punch of color without becoming too much.  It also lets you accessorize with neutral accents that can still be used even if you decide to change the accent wall color behind.  The purple chairs are also a great way to add bold color.  While choosing chairs in a fun color is more of a risk- it is also a great way to keep other staple pieces in the room (sofa, rug, art) more neutral and still have some fun with color. (2)

Che Bella Interiors Tuesday Trends Playful Purple 3Both sides of my family are from N.E Minneapolis and I will always love love love bold bathroom tile!  Unfortunately this is something that you just don’t see very often anymore.  I know that not everyone can get on board with this look, but I love how the bold purple is mixed with traditional black and white.  Amazing! (3)

Che Bella Interiors Tuesday Trends Playful Purple 4Don’t forget about your exterior!  I love the idea of using a fun color for exterior trim.  And since there probably aren’t many neighbors who would love to live next to a purple house- incorporating some color as a small trim accent is a great way to get some bold color and keep the peace with the rest of the neighborhood aesthetic. (4)

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