Resolution: Get Organized!

In our first post of 2015, we asked what your resolutions were for 2015.  Is one of your goals to get organized? With technology creeping more and more into our lives, clients often request a spot to corral all their gadget & gizmos in one central location.  Years ago, desks were often located in the kitchen as a central spot for the phone, calendar and as an area to pay bills.  To put a 21st century spin on this, instead of a designated desk, we often design an area to charge phones and tablets, house the family laptop and keep up with daily activities.  Depending on how much technology our clients use, this may be a completely digital area or still incorporate some traditional elements like a phone and mail cubbies.

We are currently working on a kitchen remodel for tech-savvy couple who requested a central spot in their kitchen to do just this plus keep track of the busy family calendar.  Below are some ideas we presented to them.  Check back to see how we incorporate this idea into their space!

Get Organized - The Charging Drawer

Get Organized - The Charging Pull-Out

Get Organized - The Charging Station



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