2015 Fresh Office Design- Che Bella Studio

Happy 2015!  As we at Che Bella rung in the new year and spent a few slow days in the office last week- we decided to take advantage of an opportunity to freshen up our Che Bella studio and give ourselves some creative inspiration for this upcoming year.  We decided to re-vamp Tracy’s office by creating a large herringbone paint design.  I think it is safe to say that all of us designers here at Che Bella are very ‘hands-on’ and still enjoy making things and being creative at and outside of work.  So of course we couldn’t simply slap up a simple new paint color and call it a day.  The 2 resulting days were a lot of work and even though it got a bit unscripted at times… Elizabeth hates heights and was not a fan of the ladders and Calie hates spiders and was not a fan of some serious cobwebs, it turned out amazing.  It turned out amazing AFTER we initially painted the small accent wall the wrong color and had to re-do the base coat.  Yup I was the guilty party in confusing us all for a moment there 😉  While our painter could have hammered it out faster and probably a bit neater around the edges- I think we did a pretty great job and it was fun to be able to have some down time that we could spend together.  Tracy was sick for the final day of work so when she returned to the office and saw it all done it was like a true HGTV make-over reveal moment.

See the transformation below and here’s to a great year filled with lots of design inspiration…Happy 2015!









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