Winter is Coming … Cozy Design Ideas!

With the end of daylight savings time last week, it has been a scary reminder that winter is definitely coming! While the design of your spaces should be season-less and work throughout the year, it can be fun to change up decor to match the seasons.  It seems pre-mature to start with the holiday decorating, but here are some beautiful spaces that you can cozy up in for this fall and the long winter ahead!

Books, Books & More Books!
Interiors with Books

Because we naturally spend more time indoors during the winter, a space to cozy up and read is necessary! But, do not be afraid of showing off your reading materials. These spaces show how cozy a space can become with the addition of books. By taking on an almost library-like feel, all of these spaces encourage you to pull up a chair and dive in!

Birch Wallcovering
While birch is typically thought of as a fall or winter material, with some adjustment of accessories, all of these spaces would be comfortable during the summer, as well. Add color though art, pillows & accessories.

Neutrals & Texture
Natural Materials + Neutrals
By keeping the space neutral (including the stone-work), these spaces can work for any season. I love the addition of patterns and texture through the stone-work, rugs, pillows and throws.

Mix of Materials
Cozy Spaces - Mix of Materials
Clients often think that gray color schemes will make their space feel too cold, but by adding texture and warmth through the use of different materials (think: leathers, wood, furs, knits & a mix of metals), these spaces feel cozy. The warmer toned room incorporates that mix too, to create a space that makes you want to curl up and relax.

Enjoy what we have left of fall before winter sets in!



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