Orange Crush – How to Add Pop to Your Space

“Orange is the happiest color.” – Frank Sinatra

I’ll be honest – orange is not the first color I think to incorporate into a space.  But, in honor of fall & October, I wanted to explore how combining orange with different “neutral” tones could transform a space.

All About Orange

Ranging from the light orange of the fruit, to the darker orange of saffron – and everything in between – orange is a very versatile color.  Tones like terra cotta & rust are universally popular and can make a space feel warm and cozy.  Orange is known to stimulate appetite, making it a great color for kitchens or dining rooms.  It is also considered a color that encourages socialization & stimulates activity.

Orange & Gray

Gray is a chamelon of a color.  Ranging from warm to cool – gray is the perfect color to pair with orange.  Dark gray + pumpkin feels warm and cozy.  Dove gray + tangerine feels fun & fresh.  The possibilities with orange & gray are endless.  Consider the mood you want to create in your space and choose accordingly.

Orange & Neutrals

Beige and taupe are perfect complements to the warmer tones of orange. Consider pairing a beige with rust or terra cotta to create a warm, happy space.  White + orange feels clean & happy – as shown in the bathroom below.  If you are a little scared of orange being too bright, pairing with a neutral brown or beige will help create a warm look and keep a space from feeling too bold.

Orange & Navy

Probably the most traditional of these pairings – orange & navy are complementary colors.  The result can be preppy and traditional or modern and fresh.  Adding some darker oranges and reds will create a warm, cohesive color scheme in your space.


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