Flooring & How a Designer Can Help

When working with clients on either a new home or a remodeling project, one of the selections that will have the most impact on the space is the flooring.  Whether you are looking at hardwood, tile or carpet, flooring is an expensive decision and one designers can help with.  With our experience specifying materials, we know which factors to consider to help you land on the best product for you.  We will often ask questions about your family (kids or pets), budget, cleaning preferences, personal style & how long you want to stay in your home, to help guide you towards the right selection.

While it is possible to replace flooring down the road, it is an expensive change.  We always urge people to consider longevity and choose a style that is more “classic” than “trendy”.  Of course, you want your space to look new and updated but just not scream 2014. 

Hardwood Flooring Trends

Hardwood or Engineered Wood Flooring

Basics: Hardwood floors are milled from a solid piece of hardwood.  They will expand and contract with changes in your homes humidity levels during different seasons.  Available in site finished or pre-finished options, hardwood flooring is very durable and can be re-finished.

Engineered wood is produced with 3-5 layers of hardwood stakced in a cross-grain configuration and bonded with heat.  Engineered hardwood is typically pre-finished and comes with options like hand scraping or distressing.

Style:  The biggest trend in hardwood flooring is choosing a dark stain.  While it looks beautiful with white trim and light walls, a dark floor can be hard to maintain – it shows every speck of dust or pet hair.  Consider choosing a light or medium stain to make cleaning easier but still create contrast.  Every variety is an option – from classic (think cherry, maple, alder) to exotic (acacia, koa, cypress).  Hardwood floors look beautiful in all styles of homes.


Carpet Flooring Trends


Basics: Carpet is available in many styles and patterns from plush to loop to cut & loop.  A designer will consider factors such as, how often you prefer to vacuum, traffic patterns and overall style of your home when assisting with carpet selection.

Style:  While plush carpets will probably always be around, we really like the cut & loop style which results in a variety of textures.  If you choose a pattern or texture that is timeless, you will have a carpet that can easily last many years – no matter how your decor may change.


Tile Flooring Trends


Basics: Tile obviously works well for bathrooms and backsplashes,but we are also using it in mudrooms, laundry rooms & bar areas.  Stone, porcelain and ceramic are all appropriate for various applications, and a designer will help you select something that fits your specific needs and budget.

Style: We hear from our tile vendors that wood-look tile is all the range! While this could ultimately be seen as a trend, a designer can help you bring in other elements to create a look that is more classic.  A stone or stone-look porcelain will always be in style.  Glass mosaics, once considered trendy, have really stuck around.  We are seeing lots of variation in shape and size which is a great place to add a little of your personality to the space.



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Hardwood flooring shown from Lauzon & Hallmark | Carpet shown from Shaw & Mohawk | Tile shown from Artistic Tile

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